Thursday, July 31, 2014


Bit short and sweet from me today. I have been immersed in experimenting with ceramics and so I haven't made any new earrings for the last week or so, which is most unusual! So today I'm sharing one of my favourite pairs from the back catalogue.

They're fairly simple but I really like them - and I don't say that very often!  Of course, the ceramic spikes are from Scorched Earth. The eyelash-like vintage nailheads were in a stack I won on Ebay some years ago now. They're larger than a lot of the 'spiky' nailheads you see. They were the only pair in the selection that I got; I kinda wish I'd kept them for myself! If anyone has any of these in their stash and is prepared to part with them, or if you've seen some somewhere, please let me know! 

Bye for now, Claire


  1. I too would have kept these for myself , they are gorgeous , esp those scorched earth spikes. I have not seen those eyelash beads anywhere, they are so unusual.

  2. I love Scorched Earth also. Great earrings!

  3. Beautiful design and bead combination! Love these!

  4. These are absolutely way cool, Claire!