Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tender Greens

It's finally here - that time of year when trees start to take on a misty green hue. Buds appear, swell, and burst into leaf. Skeletal gray branches come back to life, filling out and reaching toward the sky. It seems like this past winter was more brutal than most for those of us in the US - you can certainly tell by the recent posts here on Earrings Everyday! It seemed like Spring would never get here, but that's the beautiful thing about nature, you can't stop her...

Coming off of a 70F degree day full of warm sunshine, daffodils, and singing birds, I thought I'd post about a recent pair of earrings that celebrate the tender, sweet, young green of Spring. 


This sweet, simple little pair
features a pair of my own polymer clay "bud" beads that dangle lightly from the bottom of two amazingly craggy raw green garnet stone nuggets. I textured and painted the poly beads and then kissed them with a little gold on top for some warmth. Each bead has been crowned with wee etched nickel bead caps from Maire Dodd.

I hope everyone is able to pause and soak up the season this week <3



  1. More amazing stuff! Your polymer stuff is fabulous!

  2. I agree with Claire, your polymer beads are fabulous! And the way you use rough stones is so earthy and uniquely you. Great earrings, Nikki!!

  3. I love your gorgeous polymer beads! Truly unique and gorgeous... The rustic earthy feel of these earrings definitely speaks to me big time :) Beautiful beautiful work!

  4. Your earrings always make me drool! :-)

  5. Your bud beads are wonderful! I love the addition of the gold--it really works well with the garnets.

  6. Thanks so much, everybody :) I'm still a little shy about my poly beads, so the encouragement means a lot!

  7. So cute. The polymer buds are darling!