Monday, April 28, 2014

Fire things up!

I've got a thing for rustic earthy colors, and copper is my metal of choice to convey that look and feel.

It is so beautiful, richly colored, luxuriously warm - I just love using it in my designs :)

Today's inspiration came from our weekly challenge over at SRAJD, and the theme was FIRE. 
So, you know that I HAD to go with Copper! :)

And I also HAD to hop over to my latest addiction (Hello Polyvore!) to make an outfit that I thought would go well... If I were several many pounds lighter, I'd definitely dig wearing this rockin' outfit with my earrings :)

Earthy Fire Outfit

These earrings feature beautiful artisan Dichroic glass beads made by Paula Radke Art Glass
I love the shimmering burnt orange on the black base of Paula's beads, and the cool contrast between the textured copper and the smooth commercial glass slivers at the bottom.

Paula's beads have a flat back and rounded/domed top where the dichroic color is, so I had to figure out a way to showcase them to display their full beauty:

These one of a kind Copper earrings can be found on my website HERE.

Thanks for stopping by... have a fabulous day!

Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist


  1. Beautiful earrings! I love the beads you used- they work perfectly with the copper and really POP! That outfit is great too. I would have never thought I would like gold jeans- but those are really cute!

  2. Beautiful earrings! I also tend to lean towards the earthy colors. Now if only I didn't have such a short neck...

  3. I just love amber tones with copper. These are beautiful! Love the long, elegant profile.