Friday, July 19, 2013


A few months ago, I was shopping and saw a pair of inexpensive earrings that I knew I had to buy because I was going to repurpose them.  I have a pic of what's left of them at this point (see pic below) since I have used the copper dangles and the other antique gold and silver dangles. I hammered them to flatten and give texture and then punched holes in them. I love how each pair has turned out so far. I've used Peruvian opals on the copper and antique gold pair and turquoise on the silver pair.

This is what I did with the antique gold pair....
And this is what I did with the silver pair ( my tribal wrap earrings that I featured on this blog a few weeks ago).
 You can see the copper pair here, and the antique gold pair here as well as many of my other designs on my website.

Thank you,

Kristy Abner

Kristy's Kreations 


  1. What a great idea! Three earrings out of one pair! Those opals are so lovely, great with the copper and brass.

  2. I've done that before! Bought something with the express purpose of taking it apart. :) All three pairs turned out great! Love them.

  3. I really love all three. That's what an artist is to me - someone who can see something that's not there...yet. I have some inexpensive metal pieces I am now going to try this with. If nothing else, it will give me some practice. Thank you!

  4. I love how you completely reworked these. Very cool!

  5. Great idea executed successfully!

  6. What a great reminder to look for the potential in all things (and people). Three great results!

  7. what a creative repurposing! Your final handicrafts look absolutely beautiful and certainly not "cheap". Love the way you worked on the primal earrings! Have a nice day! :-)