Friday, July 5, 2013

Peruvian Opal

Peruvian Opals are one of my favorite gemstones and so I wanted to make a pair of earrings that would definitely show off these beauties. I used 16g sterling silver wire and wrapped it around a dowel and then hammered it. I used liver of sulphur to patina them along with some sterling wire that I needed to use for wrapping and ear wires.  I'm pleased with how they came out...they will be hard to part with!

Did you know that the Peruvian Opal has soft relaxing energies. Legend says that it takes the tension out of communication and helps ideas flow freely. It softens the impact of stress from the outside world and can help one to release the trauma of old wounds. It facilitates facing the future with a tranquil healing nature.  **info found on

Check out my website to see more of my work. These earrings just sold but I have some copper ones listed on my website here

Thank you,

Kristy Abner
Kristy's Kreations


  1. I love Peruvian Opal and love the way to put these earrings together, beautiful!!

  2. Fabulous! I just love this style you do, and the blue-green opal is really nice with the white seed beads and antiqued silver. Great combination.

  3. Oh holy cow - I simply LOVE, love, love these - so beautiful - like a misty morning rain with the sun trying to shine through. Relaxing, thoughtful and peaceful - I don't think I would part with them - keep them for you <3 !

  4. I love the shape of these, Miss Kristy! Those overlapped ends are so beautifully wrapped and I love the softness of the pearls with the fresh opal color. Enoy the day! Erin

  5. I'm normally not drawn to hammered metal, but these earrings are truly beautiful. I'd be hard pressed to part with them as well! Christie