Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Frosted Flakes

“Frost grows on the window glass, forming whorl patterns of lovely translucent geometry.
Breathe on the glass, and you give frost more ammunition.
Now it can build castles and cities and whole ice continents with your breath’s vapor.
In a few blinks you can almost see the winter fairies moving in . . .
But first, you hear the crackle of their wings.” 

~Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration 

I noticed today that the Wisconsin River outside my office is frozen. Yesterday it was flowing along and today it is a mirror of the first layer of ice, reflecting the clear gray sky. Brrrr! It's cold outside! I guess that means it is time to start wearing socks.... (tomorrow ;-)

Each year I make some new holiday creations. The ones that I keep coming back to are snowflakes. I love the delicate intricacy, the beautiful geometry. This is the only sort of math that intrigues me and inspires me.

 I created these Frosted Flakes as a nod to my favorite winter motif. 

I made these Frosted Flakes in brass with a ginger color that remind me of painting the cookie roofs of my gingerbread houses with creamy frosting icicles. These charms are also available in my shop in a silver lacy bezel with a steel gray color in case you would like to make a pair for yourself.

Just like in nature, no two flakes are alike. And these sets of Frosted Flakes are the same - mismatched pairs of flakes to remind me that the smallest thing has beauty in my life and I need only to stop and look for it. 

 I kept it simple and added some graduated dangles of tiny vintage glass pearl icicles. This is the perfect outfit to wear for your gingerbread house decorating and cookie baking party, don't you think?

Available for sale in my Etsy Shop.

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  1. OMG - frosted flakes! I love the colors. They make me feel warmer just looking at them.

  2. So adorable! Perfect outfit to go with them, too.

  3. really wonderful pair!! love that they are just a tiny bit mis-matched ... gives them character!