Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Developing Your Own Style

Some women develop their style very early; they just know what looks good on them and what they feel comfortable wearing. Others spend a good part of their adult life trying to identify their individual style. I worked with a woman once who wore the same jewelry every day, a gold serpentine chain and diamond stud earrings. Her goal was to look professional and conservative and she achieved it. 
Toward the other end of the spectrum, you can find women who express their unique personality by their wardrobe and accessory choices in a less conservative way. Whether the style is traditional, contemporary, bohemian, tribal, or even steampunk, it can be done tastefully. The key, of course, is not to overdo it by wearing too much.
Gloria Ewing

Pumpkin Red Green
Jigsaw Trapeze Sweater - $125, Lily and Lionel Rossi Silk Scarf - $225, Gerard Darel Oxford Leather Shoulder Bag - $585, Current/Elliott Straight Leg Jean - $178, Wrap-it-up Hooded Sweater - $159, John Fluevog Luna Boots - $349

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  1. Lovely earrings! Love the mixed metals, and how the bead are stacked on top of the beadcap. Oh man, I've gone through so many style incarnations... Yes, I think the thing is to not get too literal with your style. Mostly staple items, with a bit of flavor! You can wear just about any style, at any age that way. You certainly have developed a distinctive style! Definitely a "tribal" feel, but beautifully versatile and wearable.

  2. I love the earrings and outfit. In fact, I've got that same sweater in green/brown from two years ago!

  3. I love your style and your color choices. But you already know that, Gloria. I love the earrings and am now coveting that hooded coat/sweater!!!!! Great post!

  4. Great earrings and great post about finding your style! I think I am still all over the map with my own style. I often wonder if people would even be able to pick out my work in a line-up. Because one minute I am sweet and romantic and the next I am tribal and rock and roll. But it keeps you guessing! Enjoy the day, Miss Gloria! Erin

  5. What a cute outfit and earrings! I would love to have the whole set! Great post - I enjoyed reading!