Thursday, September 13, 2012

Autumn Cometh on Tiny Cold Feet

Autumn's Herald
There's been a chill in the air here the last few days, under brilliantly blue skies--the trumpets of autumn, heralding the impending arrival of the equinox! I love this time of year. I often find those glimpses of the season ahead strangely exhilarating. Except for winter. That feeling is more like dread than exhilaration. Except for that first time every year you are surprised by an icy toilet seat. That is actually a little closer to exhilaration.

I desperately wanted to use these sweet little stoneware charms by Karen Totten, so I started with those and designed the earrings around them. They're paired up with faceted iolite ovals, and copper earwires wrapped with tiny faceted Czech glass in "carnelian." I love how the charms remind me of frosted ginger snaps. Tiny little cookies.

One of the things I like about autumn is you can start to wear sweaters and corduroy again without looking like a sissy. I love corduroy. And tweed. Here's some tweed to wear with your new earrings!

I think it may be time to go sweater shopping again, my sweaters are all six years old and they're getting Funky. Half of them are embedded with steel wool cockleburs, and the other half smell permanently like Chest of Drawers.

You can see my other earring creations at my Etsy shop, HERE.


  1. Very nice - I really like those - they do remind me of autumn.

  2. HAHAHAHA! You are so laugh-out-loud funny! Exhilarating toilet seats! Funky chest of drawers smell on your sweaters! I do think those look like little gingersnaps. Yummmm.... autumn could be the season in my heart all year long. Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. LOVE these! Ah, dang it, come ON, autumn! I want to scuff my boots through the fallen leaves already! : )

  4. I get quite the visual when I read your posts! LOL! These are spectacular! I love the tiny balled jump ring (i assume) connector you made for Karen's little charm! You always add just the right tiny details!

    1. It's a headpin bent over to make a ring! I just put the pin in there with the ball in front, bend the back straight up as tight as I can get it, curl it over, trim it, and tuck the end in right behind the ball. Easy Squeezy! I'm so tricky.

  5. So beautiful and elegant, yet a bit rustic too. Your design is fabulous!