Friday, September 7, 2012


Amphitrite was the Greek goddess of the sea and consort to Poseidon. These gorgeous Czech glass coin beads reminded me of the sea. I paired them up with some hammered copper washers (I am currently obsessed with hammering copper and using liver of sulfur on it..OBSESSED) and patina-ted rings by Miss Fickle Media.

Did you know that there is a bronzed statue of Amphitrite underwater just off the Cayman Islands?
                                                                     Photo on Panoramio by Rick Cordary

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Kristy Abner

Kristy's Kreations


  1. Gorgeous! I have some square Czech glass beads like that, they're fabulous! Love them with that patina, and I like how you wrapped the two rings together-clevah! (I love those washers too, I have a pile, I love to texture them!)

  2. Kristy, that is a wonderful combination, with the "watery" glass highlights playing against the patina of the rings!

  3. Beautiful the copper pairs so nicely with the Czech glass!

  4. I too am a huge fan of pounding copper. Love these earrings!

  5. Gorgeous earrings, and I love the inspiration behind them.

  6. Love these - they look like they belong on the statue in the Caymans - I'm thinking PhotoShop ;) - Love the outcome of your obsession!