Monday, August 13, 2012

Wrapped Dangles

I love dangles! I love the feel of them on my neck, the sound they make when they move, I love the way they poke out of my hair to reveal a hidden secret. These have a wonderful sparkle to them and will look wonderful poking out of your hair!
 I tend to make things more than one at a time these days, so here is a second pair, same as the first but in green! What a great mix of colour! Don't miss out on these great earrings, now listed in my Skye Jewels Etsy Shop!!

You can find these and many more fabulous earrings in my shop or on my website. Don't forget to come visit my Skye Jewels Blog to see more of what I am up to!

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  1. Beautiful Marie!! Have a Wonderful and Happy Birthday!!

  2. Love those teardrop beads! They look so great on a simple jump ring. These are lovely! The green are my fav. (I make multiples of a new design too, in different colors. Fun!)

  3. Both are beautiful! Love that wire you use! Looks nice and hefty!
    have a great birthday!

  4. I love long and dangly right now. I like movement in my earrings and this would certainly do it for me! Enjoy the day, and happy birthday to you! Erin

  5. Thanks everyone! And thanks also for the Birthday wishes :)

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Marie!! The earring are beautiful, But you already knew I feel in love with the green ones. :) Can't wait to see what you design next.

  7. What beautiful creations from a beautiful lady <3


  8. Ummm... like them both, but I really love the reddish ones best! Good thing or we'd all be fighting over the green, right?! ;-)

  9. I love the movement these will have when someone wears them. and those colors,....yummy!