Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Night Blossoms

Nothing makes me happier than sitting in a garden, just to daydream.  A cool breeze is always appreciated.  I particular like to sit in my sister's garden at sunset.  Of course, she sees the weeds and gets right to work.  I like to get lost in the delicate flower petals, the sweet hues of the blooms and the fragrance that dances in the night air as darkness approaches.  I wish I could grow things, sadly I am a well-known plant killa'.  I can only rangle blooms of the beady kind. 

I paired these lovely Hill Tribe copper blossoms with handcrafted polymer clay beads in a salmon color.  The beads have tiny leaves that swirl around them.  You can find these earrings in my new Etsy shop, Humblebeads Jewelry.


  1. absolutely gorgeous earrings love them

  2. Beautiful! I love your beads, and those balled copper dangles are sweet!

  3. Wow, these earrings are beautiful. Thank you for following Pure Love. I am following you, too. ( here and on your Humblebeads blog)