Friday, July 20, 2012

Grungeboard Earrings

Grungeboard is defined by Tim Holtz as a compressed, flexible sheet of dingy material with a debossed texture that can be painted, inked, sanded, hammered, die-cut or grunged. You can even wash ink off with water and start again!

I first tried this technique after reading about it in Margot Potter's book "Beyond the Bead" several years ago. She had a gorgeous example of using it with stamps and I knew I had to try it! All you need are stamps, alcohol ink, and a sealer. I also used my Sizzix to cut out some other shapes like these hearts.
The possibilities are endless and it really is a fun project.

You can find the Fleur de Lise earrings HERE and check out some of my other designs using grungeboard.

Thanks for looking,

Kristy Abner


  1. thank you so much, I didn't know this material, it is beautiful, great effects to do with it!
    I'm italien, we don't have this stuff, I think I wi buy it on the shop on ine, thank you so much.
    I love the birdy earrings

  2. Those are cool! Love the combo of blues in the fleur-de-lis pair!

  3. Those are gorgeous! Love the glittery crystals with that "grungy" board! What a great product, I love the way it takes the ink--very watercolor-y. And your photos are superb as always.

  4. They look fantastic! :) Great idea, hope to see you make more!

  5. These are lovely! Thanks for links - this looks like something very fun to try!! Great photos and gorgeous earrings, too!!

  6. Have always loved the board materials - there are a lot out there. Beautiful job with the inks Kristy - love them all <3 JLynn