Thursday, June 14, 2012

Plummy Orbs

Subtly Plummy Orbs
These earrings feature beads from one of my favorite beadmakers--Alisha White. I just love the hollow globes she does. These are in a mysterious taupe-plum, so subtle it's almost impossible to identify. There's almost an iridescence about them, like a soap bubble. And of course they're light as air to wear!

These are on a slightly longer earwire, so they will swing just a little:

I had in mind a little "Coyote Ugly" ensemble, with just a hint of faux-demure:

Via Polyvore
You can visit my Etsy store by clicking HERE. (And here's what sounds like an interesting recipe for making your own plum liqueur...)


  1. Simply beautiful, perfection with the outfit you chose!!

  2. Love those! They look like little lanterns. I have some with clear quartz rounds about the same size, and I find myself wearing them more often than most of my others.

    1. Yes, they are like little lanterns! Or old fashioned gas street lamps. I wish there was a way to put a little bulb in there...

  3. I love those beads and that earring (and the outfit too!)

  4. Gorgeous! I love her beads also!

  5. this is a fav design of mine that you do! Lovely!