Monday, November 14, 2011

Sapphire Blues

Most colours have always held some inspiration to me in one way or another. The ones I tend to use the most are in the green tones, but Blue is as always fabulously versatile! The magnificent multitude of shades in this particular colour is astounding! You can find them everywhere! Nature is always my biggest inspiration, so look up at your sky and think of all the shades you see! If it's early morning, you may have some pale shades with some brighter blue tones here and there, if it's evening it may have a greyer hue. Look at water reflecting the sky and it turns those same blues into deeper shades!

Need an idea of what to wear with these? Found this amazingly sexy and elegant dress on Pintrest! I prefer something a little longer myself, but why not! lol I of course would put her hair up so you can see the earrings! :)
 I hope you feel inspired to wear something new!

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  1. Beautiful earrings, Marie! And blue is MY favorite color! I love those beads...

  2. Gorgeous, Marie! LOVE the earrings, but what don't I love that you create? And what a perfect dress for them!

  3. wow, are those lampwork discs?? I must have some!!!

  4. Yes they are! They are from Unicorne Glass :) Tell them I sent you ;)

  5. Marie, the earrings are very pretty, love the color of the blue glass.

  6. You have completely described those blue lampwork beads! I feel the same way about blue. My English teacher called it the "intellectual" color as she handed out blank blue paper for our essays! Beautiful earrings, Marie! Can't wait for your next pair!

  7. I miss your unicorn bead earrings....will you make more?

  8. OOO!Being a Nawlins native, I am lovin these :)