Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ceramic Earring Holder Bowls

Let's file these under painfully clever!  These ceramic earring holders are a sweet way to show off and organize your favorite earrings.

The first one is from Barbpots, who offers these in a wide variety of colors to match your decor.  Oh, and wouldn't they make a sweet holiday gift!  

 This one is from Kismet Pottery and would also store a bracelet or two or your favorite lipgloss.

And this cute little one from Miss Pottery keeps your earring collection all nice and tidy on the inside of the bowl.


  1. that is awesome!! and it comes with a bowl too! this would look great in a sales booth too, with inexpensive little bangles or something in the bowl.

  2. I LOVE these...I have one on my "wish list" ;)

  3. When I hear the word clever I always think of my friend Sarah-Jane from London. It's a common expression there, and never sounds quite the same coming from someone with no British accent!
    These pots truly are clever!! Love them!

  4. The biggest one is my fave- the one from Barb Potts- ordered myself one- will be great for taking photos for the website too!

  5. Hi Heather, Thank you for featuring my earring holders on your blog! I just found out about it from someone who bought one of my earring holders after seeing it on your site. I appreciate it very much.

    Barb Lund--aka barbpots