Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Normally at this time of year we would be packing for our summer holiday - probably in Greece, as we debate somewhere different every year and still decide Greece is just the best. So friendly, so laid back, beautiful scenery, masses of history and gorgeous warm seas. Brilliant food for all tastes too, as we have meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans in our family.

But I think like most people we just aren't confident to fly yet. There is still too much uncertainty for me. Last week some very close friends of ours made the move to live in Rhodes; they travelled overland with their dog and cat in an epic 4 day, 4000 mile journey. As soon as things settle down we will go over and stay with them but for now, greek style earrings will have to suffice!

Meandros is the greek word for the repetitive scroll pattern found in much greek architecture and especially on mosaics and borders.

The ceramic pieces are by Jane Bliznakova. Above are gold key pattern amber czech glass beads, some of my favourites to use. Those fabulous twisted rope copper connectors are by Lesley Watt, and they are hung on hand made copper earwires. 

I hope some of you are managing to get away, even for a short break - goodness knows, we need it.

See you again in  two weeks time, and please, look after yourselves and your families.

                                                                      Lindsay xx
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  1. I love your earrings, my style to wear. We did a one day getaway to the beach, for our 47th anniversary. We returned that night, since we didn't feel safe to eat in a restaurant or stay overnight in a motel.

    1. No, I can understand that Linda - same here. Glad you had a great day though xx