Friday, March 23, 2018


I was going to have a rather elaborate post on tassels but time constraints put an end to that.  I have managed to make one pair with a chain tassel of sorts.

The tassel was made up of patinated chain in various colours and lengths, covered with an antiqued brass end cap.  I added a second end cap directly on top of the first but with the opening on the opposite side so I could add the green glass flower just inside.  You can see the top of the flower peeking out which picks up on the Verdigris on the chain..  

I added hoops above the green flowers to complete the look. 

I may carry on with this subject next month as I don't feel like I've explored it enough. 

These will be available in my next online trunk show in The Jewellery Show FB group on Tuesday.  See you soon with hopefully more tassels? ;)

Suhana <3

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  1. I agree with Lindsay, love that chain!

  2. I have some chain tassels and your use of colored chain makes me want to explore colorings the chains with alcohol dyes.

  3. This are gorgeous. Love the contrasting colours in the chain.