Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Time Before Kings

Every so often you either stumble or make a calculated fall into a design or an aesthetic that really takes you. More than just an "oh wow, I really like how this came out" kind of way. But in a "THIS" kind of way. 

As I've continued to play with copper and fold forming in the studio, I found myself gravitating toward elemental glyphic shapes over the last week. No complicated over-wrought heavy designs. Just simple eye-catching statements that end up saying more while actually saying less.


The end result (or perhaps just the beginning?) is a series I'm dubbing "A Time Before Kings", due to the primitive ancient finishes and the glyphic symbology. My love affair with purposeful firescale results in pops of thick blood red while pockets of raw copper and blackened darkness add light and depth.  

I considered using these metal charms as part of larger designs, but in the end decided to let them speak on their own. 

Sometimes you need a break from the norm so you can explore further along down the path.

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. Beautiful work Nikki! i love the rustic and earthy look to these and still a bit of copper shine. Just gorgeous!

  2. Very cool! Very "Iron Age." Makes me think of old ring forts, and Druids and such. Love the reddish patina, like old pottery.

  3. these are so cool - they remind me of this TV show called Reign about Mary, the queen of scotland

  4. These are just amazing, I love them all!!!

  5. My word! These are stunning! I love the elemental nature of them, the robust colors of the firescale, the simple shapes. This is the kind of metal work I long to do! I must get out my copper and my vise and do a little experimenting! Enjoy the day! Erin

  6. These are ridiculously amazing..... I know the work involved in fold-forming, and you've done a fantastic job with all of these. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. Just fabulous.