Monday, February 23, 2015

Spring Vibe

Last week, Nikki asked us in her post about the 'motifs' that keep coming back in our designs, and I know I have a few favorite ones (swirls, hoops/circles, leaves...), my brain went straight to a type of stone and color: Turquoise.

I have this whole need to hoard my Turquoise beads and cabochons going on,
and letting some of them go. It. Is. So. Hard. 

But once they are out into the world, I feel happy that they can be enjoyed by others. I was an only child, maybe that's the root of this feeling of not being always so great at sharing my goodies LOL
(I do share, my hubby will tell you, but with certain things, well, I've got issues I guess, ha!)

So I made these wrapped Copper earrings:

I couldn't let go of the whole Turquoise idea, and I knew I had this absolutely perfect pair of gorgeous rustic 'spotted' copper-ish looking handmade ceramic beads (made by our very own Cindy Pack). 
I wanted to pair them with Chinese Turquoise, copper wire and accents, and here we are :)

These earrings are 2" tall (trying to make shorter pairs from time to time) and hang from a pair of hypo-allergenic Titanium matching ear wires with a small copper bead accent.

These earrings are listed HERE on my website.

Rustic, bright and cheerful, calling on Spring to arrive soon :)

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


  1. Very pretty Nath! My two favorites, copper and turquoise. Can't go wrong with that combination. Cindy's beads go perfectly with the turquoise.

  2. Beautiful earrings! I love the copper wrapping. The turquoise complements the spotted beads perfectly! Love the combination! I can totally see hording those stones. I would too! Actually- I have some like that but they are larger- I am hording too! Ha!

  3. Turquoise is such a fresh color. It evokes faraway places and beautiful vistas for me, whether that is the ocean or the desert. I love these! Enjoy the day. Erin

  4. Ingenious design! Love the wire wrapping. I adore Cindy's beads--hard to believe she's a newbie with ceramics!