Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Crow

The crow bird. 
To some- a sad, lonely, even mean bird. 
Dark, and mysterious. 

Not what I imagine when I see the crow.

I see my (late) aunt on the lawn... feeding them bread. 
I asked her why she fed the birds- she said- 
because I like them. A simple answer. 
What else did I expect?

It's funny what inspires our art, our creations. 
A memory, a lost love, a color we are drawn to. 

Whatever it may be, we know what it means to us. 
Our jewelry doesn't always have to have meaning behind it- 
but more often than not, I think it does. 

That's what makes us reach for it and wear it and love it. 

This set of earrings was inspired by the love for this woman who raised me as her own daughter. 

 Alzheimer diseases took her away from me long before she passed away last fall. 

So now I too am drawn to crows and have a special love for them that I never would have otherwise. 

I found these white bronze charms in a small bead shop in Port Townsend, WA. We took a road trip around the Hwy 101 loop in 2012. An amazing trip with my best friend and partner of almost 30 years. 

Lots of story and love and memories behind these earrings. 

Thank you for reading along and allowing me to share. 

Available in my Etsy shop. 

Peace & blessings ~ Cindy


  1. I LOVE thes earrings! It's a great story, I think it's great that you have such a wonderful memoree of your Aunt!

  2. These are both beautiful as a memory (you paint the picture so well!), and as art. It must have been so nice to find these and think of your lovely aunt. I like crows too--their plumage has a lovely iridescence in the sun, a dark rainbow! (Although I admit I feel less charitable toward them when there are a couple hundred of them having a party in a tree next to the bedroom window at 6am).

    1. I totally agree Keirsten! Or when you are camping- at 5AM! ;-) Never fails we find the campground full of them... they are very loud in the quiet of the morning for sure!

  3. Lovely words and lovely earrings.
    You gave a beautiful tribute to your aunt and it reminded me of my mother, long since passed away, who loved more than anything to stand on her doorstep and watch the birds.

  4. Super find, those charms - and super earrings!

  5. Cindy, this is a lovely tribute to your aunt. It's wonderful that you have so many happy memories of her! <3

  6. What a great tribute to your aunt. I also love crows and we have a bunch that hang out around my house. Today, I saw one that was about twice the size of our regulars and I am wondering if we have a raven that has moved into the neighborhood.

  7. Wonderful tribute to your Aunt. And, to think you picked up the components somewhere fun w/another someone special makes them all the more dear. Lovely earrings.

  8. These are so very lovely, Miss Cindy. And knowing the story behind them makes them more so. I have a different view of crows (having been attacked by one when I was a child - wrote about that on my blog a few years ago) but have gone past the fear of them to a distant respect. I, too, am haunted by the cruel mistress Alzheimer's as my mother is slipping away all too young at 67. But having something that can bring back a memory, a touchstone if you will, is a powerful thing. Thank you for sharing this story and your art. Enjoy the day. Erin