Thursday, November 28, 2013

Poseidon's Garden

Poseidon's Garden
These colors remind me of Caribbean waters.
Caribbean Ocean view from Bodden Town
View of Caribbean Ocean from Bodden Town, Grand Cayman Island,
Courtesy Wikipedia Creative Commons
For these earrings, I started with a pair of my copper tulip caps, and gave them an aged blue-green patina. They made me think of blooms from a deep-sea garden! I chose gemstones in the same hues--I just love the way this aqua chalcedony glows, and the sea green aventurine nuggets match the patina on my tulip caps so perfectly. I dotted the earwires with Czech glass in a matching aquamarine blue.

I would pair them with a gown worthy of Amphitrite (especially if she was guest-starring on Downton Abbey--this dress is so Lady Sybil):


You can see more at my Etsy shop HERE.


  1. These are GORGEOUS and what a perfect name! Your wire work is superb (as always!). Yes, as soon as I looked at the dress I thought Downtown Abbey! Lovely as usual Keirsten.

  2. Yummy color and textures. And I love that you paired them with this very sophisticated look. It would be an unexpected twist to see these walk the red carpet! Enjoy the day. Erin