Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Slumbering Planet

Just before I began designing my earrings for today's post, I'd been reading about the lunar eclipse that occurred last night.
Slumbering Planet Earrings
I made the earrings and when it came time to name them, I must have still had the eclipse, space and planets on my mind.  The round lampwork beads started to look like satellite photos I'd seen of the earth at night, so I named them the Slumbering Planet Earrings.

The matte lampwork beads by Felicia Annie are really amazing.  The more you look at them, the more layers of swirling color you see, just like the many subtle shades one sees in night views of the earth.

The base color of the beads seems to be a blueish green.  There are also subtle swirls of purple, dark turquoise and a few bolder swipes of black.  They are really beautiful and they seemed to demand sterling silver, rather than my usual patinated brass.  I placed Swarovski crystals above the lampwork rounds and suspended some wavy lampwork from Unicorne Beads at the end of a bits of sterling chain.
I won't be placing these in my shop just yet.  I have a couple of shows coming up and I'm working on adding inventory.  They may show up in my shop later, though.

Did you get to see the lunar eclipse?  I'm writing this on Tuesday night and we're hoping the clouds will clear up so we can see it later this evening.


  1. I adore outer space reflective beads. I am especially drawn to beads that remind me of our beautiful planet Earth. Who can resist those colors! I have not seen those shape of Unicorn beads, fabulous!

  2. Wow beautiful!! Perfectly named as well. I think Felicia Annie might be new to me, off to check her out cause I love those lampies!

    1. Oh I know Felicia!! Love her work!

    2. I figured you must know her. Local talent!

  3. Oh what a perfect name for these! Gorgeous beads...lovely earrings.

  4. Wonderful colors, and the round lampwork are very planet-like indeed! The Unicorne beads have a fascinating watery effect, they make me think of the water in Monet's "Water Lilies"--perfect with your little earths!

  5. I love how you combined these fabulous shades of beads. Soft, subtle, yet rich...I see other readers where thinking 'Monet', too! Beautiful!

  6. Great match for your image! Really nice.

  7. Lovely earrings and great inspiration/theme!!