Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Happy Ending For The Bride & Groom!

While preparing for their wedding day, this June bride and groom experienced a near tragedy!  *Gasp!

Either the agate bead had a hidden flaw, or pressure from the steel wire wrapping was too tight for the etched Dzi bead and it crumbled right in my hand.

I thought of a couple of options, but as you know, you don't get a second chance wrapping lampwork headpins.  Once you've made the commitment (like our happy couple, here) there's no turning back!

Even before the mishap, I had wanted to bring more warm gold tones into the design.  So, I decided to do a fabric wrapped bead in a mellow gold tone wire on a dark background.  I had also thought of stacking ornate open jump-rings but there would be too much gold on one side; this had better balance.

I think the Mr. is looking even more dapper now.  I love this design far better than the original!  Now they compliment one another and each has their own individual style - like every couple should. 


Umm, it's honeymoon time...we should be leaving now I'm thinkin'.

I hope if you experience a mishap while working, you'll think of it as a challenge!  You may discover a new technique or come out with an even better design!  I believe many refer to it as a "happy accident".

The amazing skulls were made by Gaea Cannaday of Gaea Handmade.

The lampwork headpins are the creations of Kimberly Rogers of Numinosity Beads.

Many thanks for stopping by today, it's always a joy to be here and show you what's happening on my work table!

Loralee xo

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Keeping it simple

So, I've had these beautiful ceramic pieces by Spanish artist Mari Carmen Rodriguez Martinez of Majoyoal in my beady stash for a while. The colours and texture of Mari's work are so striking -beautifully luscious! They always make me think of summer, perhaps because i often have pieces with me when i go to Spain on holiday (yes, I take beads with me when i go away!) and they have a very Spanish feel to them.

It's fun to think of new designs and different ways of using components. However, sometimes I like to keep it simple....less is more, right?

Recently, I got some new lilac recycled chunks, which i thought would go beautifully with Mari's indigo ceramic charms. Pretty seed beads accent the ceramic and glass components, and some stainless steel earwires for contrast

 This next pair have aqua green recycled glass chunks. The same simple design to show off those beautiful charms
Both pairs will be available in my next Facebook showcase over on The Earrings Show on 30th June. See you in a couple of weeks

Friday, June 15, 2018

We're All Ears :: June Reveal :: Kaleidoscope

I am not only up to my eyeballs in colorful clay patterns, making charms and pendants and jewelry and mobiles for my upcoming exhibit (goes up in 2 weeks! Yikes!) but I am also on the road! So this will have to be short but sweet.

I brought along my treasure trove of bezels filled with clay to get busy making into jewelry this weekend. ("Time to make the donuts!")

Polymer clay creations waiting to be made into jewelry!

I started with some earring pairs that I pulled out and managed to whip up three simple pairs of earrings. Each of these is made with polymer clay in three different techniques, in different shaped bezels, in different metal tones.

Natasha Bead veneer

Mokume Gane veneer

Stroeppel Cane veneer

The colorful clay in these patterns and colors reminds me of the swirling, psychedelic transforming colors inside those little tin kaleidoscopes that I played with as a kid. And thinking of that makes me happy. I hope that people will think happy thoughts when they wear these little baubles!

What did you make inspired by kaleidoscopes? Your turn!


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Okay, I Admit It: I'm Really Not Crazy About Wrapping Briolettes ❤

I didn't realize until today that I didn't have any new earrings to present for my blog post this week. I usually make earrings for my blog post several days ahead of time and then write my post the day before it posts, but this time I just didn't have anything ready.   I haven't been making many new things for a while because of a lingering bronchitis and its resultant lack of energy, but this morning I remembered that I had a pair of beautiful daisy connectors by Wild Raven Studio and a pair of lovely carnelian briolettes from, so I thought I might work up a quick pair of earrings.

With sterling silver wire, I added a pair of pretty Czech glass rondelles in a deep orange-yellow to the daisy connectors and added the briolettes to the bottom of the wire as well. 

I talk about adding these briolettes as if it's no big deal, but, for me, wrapping briolettes never seems to be easy.  I rarely wrap briolettes, so when I do I always seem to fumble my way through it.  Seriously.  It took me three tries to get these done to my (barely passable) satisfaction.  And I did each one differently, so before these earrings are ready to go into my shop they'll have to be redone so the brios are wrapped the same way.  Sigh.  But still, they're kind of pretty, aren't they?  

These earrings feel like summer...lightweight, colorful, and lovely.  I hope your June is feeling lightweight and lovely too!  

Thanks for reading!  I'll be back in a couple of weeks!  ❤


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Merchant of Venice

I got up this morning with absolutely no idea what to make or talk about for today's post. Once grandson no. 1 is off to school with enough packed lunch to feed an army I like to have a coffee or three and peruse Facebook to see what's new. What should pop up in my memories of 12th June but the Instagram photos I took in Venice this time last year. Seems ages ago I was there. 

On every corner of the city you can see street vendors selling carnival masks - cheap holiday souvenirs of Venice's iconic imagery. But wander into the back streets behind Piazza San Marco and find the real mask shops - traditional, hand made from papier mache and hand painted. Here you will find the most amazing works of art - especially in the back rooms, where the assistants wear white cotton gloves to show you, and they cost thousands, ready to be loaned out at Carnival time each February.

So I decided to give you a preview of a pair of earrings I had planned for my next joint show with Helen Backhouse, Lucy Haslam and Jeni Houser Alasad. On 24th June, we've called it 'A Midsummer Night's Dream and other Tales from The Bard.' I love working to a theme, and these are, of course, to represent The Merchant of Venice.

I had ordered the fabulous beaded masks from Ellie Bead and wasn't disappointed.  Perfect little Venetian masks, all scarlet, gold and black. The lampwork beads (aka pound of flesh, sorry if you're squeamish!) are from Kimberly Rogers, and the black chalcedony represents Shylock's black heart.
Aha, you say - but was Shylock wholly to blame, or was he the victim of cultural and religious discrimination in 16thC Venice, merely fighting his corner? Shakespeare students, discuss.

Anyhow, they'll be available at our show in TheVery Nice Group on 24th/25th June, along with other Shakespearean themed delights - hope to see you there. And in the meantime, arrividerci Venezia!
Lindsay x

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Short and sweet

Hello, hello,
This is going to be a short post about sweet earrings.
Reading the post from Chris and admiring her fabulous earrings with those amazing porcelain charms from Emma Wilson, I suddenly remembered...wait a minute...I am sure I bought some of Emma's charms...but where did they go...hmm perhaps this box...nope....ahh perhaps that box...nope...hmm I am absolutely sure I bought some...nope, not this bag...perhaps the next bag (by now it is complete chaos in our mobile home, the floor is covered in bags and boxes). But I found them! Whoop whoop. 

 I kept the design simple, with larimar chips in the same blue color as in the charms, Swarovski crystal rondelles and pinkish Swarovski crystal beads. With sterling silver ear wires made by Lucy Haslam.
Thank you Chris for jogging my memory and giving me inspiration to make these.

Wishing you all a wonderful day, full of laughter, wonderful flowers, inspiration and love.
See you next month. 
Thanks for looking and you know I love to read your comments so don't be shy and leave some words. 

Friday, June 8, 2018

Bird earrings

Hello!!! Today I'm sharing earring made with some of my components that did not make it to my show earlier in the week.  It's a new design and I wasn't sure about them so I kept them out of the show. The show's loss is my gain :D.
I could have just added some ear wires and left them at that but they would have been too short - for my liking.  Here are the components.

Same design in 2 colourways.

Here are the earrings I made with them. 

For this pair I added a tiny flower to the bird's tail, stacked up raw brass and silver plated brass caps with wire wrapped tube hanging from underneath - finished with star charms.  For the top I added some fabric to bring down the bling a bit.

I changed the design slightly with these, wire wrapped tubes minus the caps and with labradorite hanging from underneath.  I added chain next to the long drop to soften the look.  I added fabric on top again.  

These will be available in my next show in The Earrings Show FB group next Wednesday.  Hope you can join me.  This is it for today.  Back in a couple of weeks with possibly more hoopy designs. 

Suhana <3
My Etsy Shop: Suhana Hart Jewellery