Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Verdigris Moroccan Earrings

I do a show every August that is a fund raiser for transitional housing for women and children.  They always have a theme and this year it is "Moroccan Mystique".  For the first time ever, they have asked the vendors to dress in accordance with the theme.  Which got me to thinking about what contemporary Moroccan style might look like.

So naturally I turned to Pinterest for inspiration.  What did I ever do without Pinterest?  I saw lots of caftans and blouses that were designed like short caftans. 
There were sandals and gorgeous henna designs.
But the best thing of all was the jewelry!  Totally inspiring!
So, while I still don't have a Moroccan style blouse, I do have some Moroccan inspired earrings now.  These lack the diamonds and gemstones of the earrings pictured above, but I can see an echo of Morocaan Mystic the the shapes.  The verdigris metal stampings are from Miss Fickle Media


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


It's me again!
I'm a last minute substitution for today and I'm happy to share these wonderful earrings.

These earrings feature Gorgeous Lampwork Beads by Radiant Mind paired with some Polymer Clay Ammonite Drops I made. Both of these have been hanging out on my table for some time.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Forest Talisman

I made a mold of a piece of Elk/Deer antler and made these copper pieces from it.

These amazing Lampwork Beads by Terry Belcher of SilverFish Designs are powerful enough to handle these large copper pieces.

If you love nature photography as much as I do I highly recommend you click on the source of the wonderful photograph above.


Friday, July 18, 2014

We're All Ears :: July Reveal

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The hot July winds are upon us. This picture feels so very fresh and alive to me. I don't often get the chance to go to the ocean, but this is what I feel it must be like... the horizon line meeting the steely sky... the rolling of the waves... the smell of the sea-salt in the air... the breeze ruffling my hair...

I did sail once, on Lake Michigan and it did look very much like this. I remember that steamy August day in 1997 well... because I fell asleep! I don't know if it was the rocking of the boat, or the fact that the next week I discovered that I was pregnant with my first child that did it, but I know that it was a beautiful day on a boat filled with family and friends.

The sails on these vessels were what caught my eye first. The patriotic colors of red-white-blue is classic and fits the Independence Day feeling that we have during July here in the U.S. But more than the colors, I was struck by the shapes. The billowing out of the fabric and the strong geometric lines on the pattern were calling to me.

The triangle shape of these metal components have a stylized puffed out shape and echo the lines of sails. The red glass beads positively glow on the tiny star-tipped head pins with sparkly blue goldstone and some milky white rondelles on top. These are the perfect accessory to swing jauntily in the hot summer breezes. 

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Thursday, July 17, 2014


I've never worked with feathers before. I've meant to and have a number in my stash, including a lovely selection that I picked up a while back from Lima Beads. Now I've tried them I wish I'd ordered more, because when I finally got them out of the pack I realised just how beautiful they were.  And, of course, they are now out of stock... There were two of each of the different feathers in the pack so they kinda demanded to be made into earrings.

I've paired the feathers with some fabulous hand-painted pebbles from Plymouth Rocks.  I just love these pebbles and I frequently check Tammy's shop to see if she's produced any more.  These have a mix of neon shades dotted onto them. (Personally, I've rather enjoyed the neon trend.)  I've topped them with a black czech glass ring and a pop of hot pink glass.

These are now available here in my Etsy shop.

Before I go, a quick reminder: tomorrow is the day of the monthly We're All Ears challenge blog hop.   There's still time to join in and get a pair made!  For all the details and to see the challenge inspiration image, click here.

Bye for now, Claire

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Butterfly Wings


I love the symbols of butterfly wings. I'm slightly obsessed lately.

I created these earrings using my butterfly wing beads, each color is a different layer of polymer clay in the design. The perfect charms to compliment my wing beads are these peachy colored enameled butterflies by Gardanne Beads.

I made the earrings to go with this boho butterfly necklace that is featured in a fun blog hop I'm hosting today.  

Both will be available on my website later day. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mohican Legacy

Mohican Earrings

It is possible to find inspiration in some very strange places. One of my favorite movies is "Last of the Mohicans" based on the book by James Fennimore Cooper. At the very end of the movie, the vengeful and sadistic Huron enemy, Magwa, is undone by Chingachgook with a battle axe type weapon. What does this have to do with earrings, you may be asking yourself? It is the fascinating shape of the weapon that has been stuck in my mind, wondering how I might be able to incorporate that shape into a design.

When I saw these chrysocolla wings, I knew the time had finally come to design earrings inspired by this beautiful native weapon. I added rusty red and brown Greek ceramic spacers and African copper rounds to the chrysocolla for contrast, and wrapped them in a heavier gauge oxidized copper wire to maintain their primitive character.

The scene from "Last of the Mohicans".

We find inspiration in the things we are drawn to, and I have always been a great admirer of native American culture. Even the native weapons had artistic lines and artful embellishments.

Gloria Ewing
Chrysalis Too on Etsy
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