Monday, May 30, 2016

The Zone, part 2

Last Monday I told you a bit about that very special space of time, when designs create themselves and the rest of the world doesn’t exist: The Zone.

Currently I’m reworking designs, which were not made in that special happy space. 
Here is the design before the redesign.  Lovely, but it was missing something.

And this is what I turned the Picasso jasper into. I think the colours grey, purple, silver and blue work very beautiful together. The ear wires are handmade by my wonderful friend Lucy Haslam of Faerystones. Now available in my shop.

Thank you for stopping by. I wish you a wonderful day.

Esfera Jewelry

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Good Fortune - Vintage Meets Fiber

Nothin like a few new components that come into your possession to inspire a new design.
Oh, I have hoards of beads but these are some of my newest.
I was at the Alaska Bead & Gem Show as a vendor down in Anchorage at the beginning of the month. They had brought in a vendor all the way from Texas. Not an unfamiliar name as I had seen Sandy Schor's booth at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show. They had a plethora of vintage beads. These little textured "fortune cookies' fairly  jumped out at me.
Actually I had hallmarked  them for another one of our designers that posts here and immediately posted off a picture to a certain amazing designer Claire Lockwood as  I could see her doing something amazing with them as well. I find it kind of funny now that when I'm bead shopping I  kind of end up spotting things for others!
I must say that feeding the wire thru the corner of the fortune cookie was a bit of a challenge but I persevered  and was delighted to see my wire emerge so I could continue with my idea.

Also Anna Pierson of SagaHus has been making some really cool fiber connectors and has been posting new ones weekly in her facebook group.
I have to admit that I made these at the last minute as I'm flying out to New England tomorrow and will be taking a polymer clay workshop with Christine Damm of which I'm really looking forward to.

Enjoy your summer days and see you when I get back.
Kimberly Rogers ~ NuminosityBeads

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Having fun with Enamels

I have been hitting it hard with all the enamels out there!

What incredible talent we have in our little beading community, every time I turn around, someone is coming up with something new that I just can't say no to.  They are so much fun to work with and I never have a problem coming up with a way to use them....well, most of the time that is.

One of my favorite artists is Cathleen Zaring, she has this process down.... every pair just stunning with vibrant colors.  When they arrive I just stare at them for a while in amazement.
The two pairs below, spiky flowers and rugged hoops are charms by Cathleen.

A new artist I just discovered is Carolyn Conley, I love the soft pastel, almost folklore look of her enamels in the two pair below.  The very bottom pair with the hoops in the back ground are currently available in my ETSY shop.

You can find both Cathleen and Carolyn on ETSY, links provided below.

Thank you again for stopping by and taking a peek,  Enjoy you Memorial Weekend!!  
See you again in two weeks friends, Lynn

My Etsy Shop►Yucca Bloom on ETSY
Cathleen's Etsy Shop►Blue Hare Art Wear
Carolyn's Etsy Shop►Beads By CC Design

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Basic Black Earrings Beach Stone Jewelry

What is the main color that fills your closet? Mine has a lot of black. I don't want to be that "emo" girl who always wears black but I am drawn to it. (no offense emo girls!) I love wearing black and it's easy to fit any other color with it, so it's a good go-to accessory & clothing color. 
These earrings are another take on my beach glass/stone earrings. The only two stones I found that were so beautifully smooth and really *black. All the other stones I collected on this day were some sort of gray. I really love the look and feel of these smooth stones. 
photo by Cindy Pack free for personal use
They pair well with the silver and add a nice contrast to the metal, even in it's rustic patina'd state. 
My original idea was to have the asymmetrical rings hanging side by side. But I was inspired by some of the many asymmetrical earrings I've seen here on the EE blog and I mixed it up a bit. I'm really pleased with how they came out. 

Part of my "Peace, Love & Rocks" Collection

Found black stones, handmade fine silver rings, 
and black stone beads from Alexanders Bead Bazaar (Seattle, WA). 

What's your go-to color?

(original post date Oct 2014)

Monday, May 23, 2016

In the zone

Last Tuesday Norbel was talking about creating something and not really remembering the time spent doing it. That little space of time where the rest of the world doesn’t exist. I think of that space as “the zone”. Creating while being in the zone is wonderful. It seems the designs create themselves. These pieces are generally my best designs. I can always tell which pieces aren’t. And after a while, when these "not in the zone" pieces aren't sold I take them apart and re-use the components.

As with these pair of earrings. Something was missing. These earrings didn’t have a voice, they didn’t sing. They were not made in the zone.

So I took them apart and created something else with the beautiful ceramic leaf charms made by Bo Hulley Beads. Combined with Czech glass and some brass elements, these earrings practically designed themselves.  

Can you tell I was in the zone, while making these? These are available in my shop.

Thank you for stopping by. I wish you a wonderful day.

Esfera Jewelry

Thursday, May 19, 2016

We're All Ears :: May Reveal

When I was little I was given Cambric tea by my mother: essentially hot water mixed with milk, sugar and a little bit of tea. This is likely why I like my creamer with a side of coffee! I still drink my tea this way and it always makes me think of simpler times. I learned that Cambric tea is often just water and milk and sugar, with the tea (or sometimes coffee) being introduced little by little. This is usually given to children. Makes them feel grown up, I suppose, or I read that it was done to introduce a stimulant to youngsters! (As if they need more stimulation! ;-)

So I settled in with an assortment of teas to get inspired. My favorites are Yogi teas. I really like the flavors. But by far the best part is the little tag. 

Wow. How DOES my tea know that is what I needed to hear tonight?

I can remember when I first found one of those little tags. It felt like a wonderful little secret message from the Universe just for me. Sort of like a fortune cookie. Except that it actually made grammatical sense. I started pulling all those little tags off and adding them to a small glass mason jar. It is stuffed full of these tiny words of wisdom. If you have ever ordered anything from me you know that I like to include them in my hand written note to you. I actually just reach into the little jar and pull one out as it is truly what I like to call a RAW, or Random Act of Wisdom. 

So when I thought about what I loved about tea, I kept coming back to those little tags. Yogi Tea has sort of spoiled me for others, like Tazo or good ol' Lipton. Not that they aren't great teas. I just feel sort of cheated when I open a tea bag and there is not a little message of positivity and hope. In fact, I think that each one I open is the perfect message for me in that moment. 

So that is what I set out to replicate. I took some little square blanks and stamped a two part message on each. Then I scruboodled them a bit (only a real term - in my mind!) with a coarse scrubbing block. I dribbled three different colors of alcohol inks on them for that tea-stained look, sealed with a fixative. A wee bit of stray chain attached - et voila! Tea-Stained Wisdom earrings are born!

Good Things Happen Over Tea
A Cup of Tea Makes Life Better
Where There's Tea, There's Hope
Enjoy Life Sip by Sip

 Enjoy with your favorite flavor of Cambric tea. ;-)


Okay. I just have to share this artist that I found. Her name is Ruby Silvious and she has an Instagram project that is being released as a book later in 2016 called 365 Days of Tea. This artist paints on used tea bags as her canvas. Brilliant! These images are perfect in their simplicity and charming in their subject matter. Isn't that incredible? If anyone is looking for a perfect gift for me, this would be it! ;-) 

Your turn! Let's see what you made inspired by our May Tea Party!

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Little Cubes Of Happiness

As I was thinking about how happy the little ceramic cubes look in today's earrings, I all of a sudden remembered another type of cube from my childhood.  Sugar cubes! "Back in the day" there used to be sugar cubes, in bowls, at restaurants.  The sugar cubes were all wrapped up in paper, like tiny, little Christmas gifts!

Waiting for your food in a restaurant was boring, so as kids we'd use these tiny cubes of happiness like blocks; building towers and fortresses made of sugar.  Of course these days kids keep themselves entertained with electronics, but when I was a kid, little cubes of sugar could become castles or rodeo rings, with a bit of imagination.
Nowadays little cubes of ceramic can become earrings, with a bit of imagination on my part.  I've had these ceramic cubes for nearly 15 years!  I guess I've just been hoarding them. I put matching green "dog bone" shaped beads at the bottom of the cubes and topped them with brass, glass and tiny orange rubber O-rings.  Now I can wear tiny cubes of happiness from my ears!

These earrings are available in my shop, here: Linda Landig Jewelry - Earrings