Thursday, July 12, 2018

Really Old :)

Hello! Our Dear Ms. Meridy is unable to be here this morning. She'll be back on her regular schedule two weeks from now.

These earrings are made with authentic Ancient Glass beads, and Antique Ostrich Egg Shell Beads. The glass these beads were made with, if not the beads themselves, was made along the River Niger and excavated in Mali. They’re referred to as Nila beads, or Dardig beads, and are 600 to 1000 years old, if not older. I have and had a good amount of Ancient Roman Glass. These beads are different. Their age is clearly seen in every bead I see and hold. I didn’t think I’d use them, wanting to keep them in my collection. But once I started, I knew it was not going to happen. They are incredible to work with.  I am always attracted to the old, things with history, and love combining them in my own way with my version of "today's" jewelry. Both sets of beads were purchased from the Rita Okrent Collection. The owner of the Collection, Jocelyne, the daughter of collector and artisan Rita Okrent, may be out of town but the shop is open. It may just take some time for her to respond should you message her. She has unique items.

There are three different pairs here. The remainder I made from 16 gauge wire, wrapped the tops in a thinner wire. They've been hammered a bit, etc.

I wish you all a super day, today and every day!


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Leafy Shade.

Oh my, it's so hot over here - the north of  England reaches 31 degrees? What's all that about? Hottest summer since 1976 - which I recall well, as I was chasing a very mobile 15 month old around at the time. So at least thank goodness for small mercies.
My workroom just happens to be my conservatory - wonderful for light and air but when I come down in the morning to open the doors and windows and it's off the top of the thermometer - 50 degrees C - I know I'm not going to get anything done again till evening. So making the most of getting out on my bike and keeping the garden tidy - the shady part with lots of shrubbery being my favourite part! This weeks earrings echo that sentiment - cool and fresh.

The leafy porcelain buds are by French artist PerlaYo - I've had them for ages, wondering how to make them come alive. Playing around with copper leaf headpins from Cecilia Lawrence I turned them upside down, twisted around and threaded seed beads on. Hung on Lucy's copper earwires, they have just the fresh look I was after.

Just popped them in my Etsy shop if you'd like them.  See you again in a few weeks time - I'm off to Greece for my hols in 10 days, hoping to pick up some inspiration for my next show, which is sea-themed.  Have a lovely summer, and if you are going away, have a great time.
Lindsay xx

Summer and butterflies

Greetings from Greece.

Summer is in full force here in Greece, after a short spell of colder weather with rain.

Most of my family, our Greek neighbors as well as other expats, living in our village all think we are pensioners, spending our days blobbing on the beach, sipping cocktails and enjoying the delicious Greek food. If only. Our lives could not be more different.
Both my hubby and I work full-time in our camper van, doing our day time job. Just like other people. With 3 fans working full force (we don’t have an airco) and drinking plenty of ice cold water.  But at the end of the day we do enjoy some downtime, swimming in the sea, drinking a freddo cappuccino in the village and have laughs with our friends. Life here is good and we know we are so blessed and fortunate we can live the life we live.

With all the blobbing  (LOL), I did have some time to make a pair of new earrings. I love moth and butterfly wing beads so I was thrilled to score a pair of handmade lampwork ones, made by Silvia. I paired them with beautiful lampwork glass beads made by Jennifer Powers, aquamarine, Swarovski  spacer rondelles and vintage Lucite beads. And of course handmade ear wires by my friend Lucy Haslam.

I hope you enjoy a wonderful summer day. Are you on holiday and if so, where? In any case, I wish you all a wonderful day, full of sunshine, laughter and butterflies.
See you next month. 
Thanks for looking and you know I love to read your comments so don't be shy and leave some words. 

Friday, July 6, 2018

We're All Ears :: Cheers to July!

Gin + Tonic
Moscow Mule
Root Beer Float
Chocolate Milkshake
Cold Brew
Wine Cooler

What is your favorite drink of summer? As this is a holiday week in the U.S. I am sure that there are lot of frosty, frothy, fun drinks being consumed! Tonight is the night for my opening celebration for the gallery exhibit that I am hosting, so I KNOW there will be a drink in my future (probably not with a tiny drink umbrella, but delicious nonetheless!).

Find a picture of your favorite summer drink (I got all of these at Unsplash - royalty free images that are beautiful! Check it out!) and build some earrings around it! The colors, the flavors, the shape of the glass, the way the ice melts, even the sweat stain on the coaster....your choice! (Bonus love if you provide a recipe for the cocktail!)

See you right here on Friday, July 20th for a toast!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

“Tis in my memory lock'd, And you yourself shall keep the key of it.” ~ Shakespeare

I was excited to find these very cool West German vintage plastic cameos from the 1940's.  They have an AB cast to them, which you're able to see a hint of in some of my photos; not always the easiest effect to capture. This retro green is a favorite of mine.

I have always found cameos a little mysterious  - not exactly sure as to why.  I find keys mysterious too, so I thought, that might be an interesting direction to take.  The keys are from Inviciti Jewelry and made of pewter.

I wanted to create a bit of space and airiness between the two main focal pieces so I added these amazing tin-cut crystals from the 1930's.  I had never seen a tin cut crystal in this aqua before!

I love when I sit at my worktable and by pulling a few of my favorite things together  - somehow, a little mystery or story starts to unfold.  I will let you fill in the rest ;)

Thank you for popping in and having a look around today!

Loralee xo

These earrings are in my shop!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Bubblegum Fun

Fun play with colours and lightweight components.

Bright orange-pink 'ball in a ball' acrylic beads
Khaki green faceted acrylic rounds
Transparent with gold fluted glass beads
Silverlined transpaernt large seed beads

Pink waxed linen cord
Brass coloured large lucite rings
Vintaj brass jump rings and earring hooks

All my best,

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Wired Butterflies

Hi, everyone!

I tried something a little different with these new earrings, which feature a pair of Cathleen Zaring's beautiful butterfly enameled-copper earring components: 

FYI, my usual go-to technique to use with components with top holes like these would be something like these earrings I made three years ago...

...and, believe me, I love these earrings and adore working with fiber and knotting this way.  But lately I've been having fun going back to playing with wire too.  

I'd made antiqued copper wire connector components before for necklaces (below is a detail) but had never tried to use them for earrings, and had never added beads to them. 

I thought it might be fun to see how the round connectors would work with this type of earring component, with just a few small beads in coordinating colors wrapped to them (and with a bead wrapped to each matching ear wire too!).  I didn't know what to expect, but they have a sleekness, a simplicity, and a modernity that I like--and I don't always end up liking my experiments.  😏  

They were also really fun to make.  I hadn't gotten my hands really messy in liver of sulfur in a while!  

These earrings can be purchased at Two Trees Studio.

Recipe for Wired Butterflies 
Enameled "handbag-shaped" copper earring beads by Cathleen Zaring
22 ga. round antique copper wire wrapped connectors
3 mm Czech glass rounds in amethyst and wine
15/0 Miyuki Delica yellow seed beads

Thanks for reading--I'll be back in a couple of weeks!