Friday, July 29, 2016

Wire Wrapping

Hello!!! It's my first post as a regular contributor to the Earrings Everyday blog.  I'm super excited to be here :).  So I'll just get on with showing you what I've made.

I chose to work with these enamel charms by Darlene Fortier-House.  I have been wire wrapping a LOT these last few months and naturally these would feature a lot of wrapping.

I decided to wrap 6 brass rings matching the colours of those dots above - as closely as possible and arranged them as per the next picture. 

I've also added teeny brass seeds on to the jump rings. 

These earrings are pretty long at nearly 4 3/4" from top of the ear wire to the bottom of the charms so I decided to leave them as they are.  I was tempted to add more......

Thank you for reading. See you again soon.

Suhana :) <3

These earrings are now listed in my etsy shop Buttoned Up Beads

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Getting Ready for a Show

This coming Saturday, July 30th, 2016 I'll be at my first local show of the year.
I've been trying to make a variety of new earrings from a fairly low price point up to my normal higher price point.

Making some more simple earrings with a minimal combination if Artisan components and building them up with slightly more and slightly more so hopefully I have something for everybody.
I'm even putting earwires straight on to some of my Copper Components for rock bottom choices.

Simple Wire Wrapped Textured Copper Hoops,
 I used Steel and Copper Twisted wire to give it a little added interest.

Some of my Painted Discs with Copper Wire wrapping.

Red Turquoise and Faceted Turquoise discs.

Painted Flower Ovals with tiny little matching Lampwork Beads.
Painted Copper by me, tiny Lampwork beads by Carla Graber.

More Painted Flower ovals with slightly larger Lampwork Beads.
Painted Copper by me, Lampwork Beads by Lara Lutrick

Lampwork Discs and Lampwork Headpins!
Headpins by Karin Hruza, Discs by Lea Avroch

Cool Green Kyanite rectangles and Lampwork Beads

Lampwork Beads, cool chunky Rounded Lapis triangles on the bottom and gorgeous blue Freshwater Pearls stacked on top!

Lampwork Headpins and perfectly matched Lampwork Beads.
Headpins by Janell Nelson, Beads by Lara Lutrick

So here's my shameless plug,
If you're in the area (Fair Harbour Marina, WA) please stop by,
I'm in booth #12 in the Upper Grass area.
I'll have lots more earrings to show you!
Click on the picture above for more information!


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Two is Better Than One

Just a quick little post today folks ☺ but I think its a good one. Once again, I wanted to share with you a design that I happen to stumble upon this past week that I'm pretty excited about.

Double drilled beads can be quite a challenge to work with, they are great for bracelets, but singly....hummmm?  I just happen to thread some thin leather cord through the holes and realized I had a ready made hoop to hang what ever my little heart desired.  From there I discovered I could also utilize tiny silver bails that hug the stone when pulled tight with the leather.  It adds nice character and loop for hanging glass or charms too.  If your eco-friendly and leather is not your thing, hemp, wax cord or even wire could be substituted as well.

Hope this brings some new ideas into your creative time if you have any double drilled beads laying around.  I was almost ready to ditch them, so glad I didn't, now I'm on the search for more, ☺

Enjoy your day, thanks for stopping by and we will see you again in two weeks!!

My Etsy Shop- Yucca Bloom

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sea Of Love

 Inspired by ocean waves on a warm summer day

 handcrafted, pure silver hoops + blue gemstones

Shop updates August 2nd

Monday, July 25, 2016

A light bulb moment

Not sure why I still do it, as it doesn’t work at all for me, but I tend to leave things until the last moment.
A long time ahead I think about the tasks to be done. And in my head I already “know” how to do them, how much time it will costs me and what the end result will be. In an ideal world of course. It rarely works out that way. For me at least.
When it comes down to designing I have written down my ideas or sketched some rough designs as soon as they pop up in my head. In an ideal world of course. Sadly, not my reality. At all.

So, yesterday afternoon I sat in front of my precious beads. Typical. No inspiration. None what so ever. After about 2 hours staring in space I started fiddling around with some new headpins I bought from Jennie Yip.

Then it struck: a light bulb moment.
I guess that’s why these cuties look like tiny light bulbs, grin.

Handmade lampwork glass headpins by Jennie Yip (Icedmoments). Check out her shop. She is based in my home country The Netherlands and she is making delicious lampwork beads.
I combined them with sterling silver beads, sterling silver earring hoops and brass rings with a lovely copper green patina, mirroring the color in the glass head pins.

And I had enough inspiration to make a second pair. These are available in my shop.

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope to see you again in 2 weeks. I love to read your comments, so don't be shy. I wish you a wonderful day with lots of joy, sunshine, happiness and light bulb moments.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Copper Flowers in Bloom

I created these blooms in copper. I started by shaping and texturing copper sheet. Then I added a blue/green patina. These remind me of weathered finds in a long-forgotten garden. Small Czech beads add a tiny pop of color to mirror the patina. 

Enjoy each summer bloom, this season fades in a flash! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Little Glamour, A Little Crackle

I've been messing around with polymer clay quite a bit lately and my favorite thing to make is headpins. The earrings are nearly complete and I find just adding an accent bead or two is enough to make a statement.
These are lightweight enough that  anyone can wear them. Seems I have a few seniors that are finding that heavy earrings are a problem for them.
These are made with real copper leaf and are reminiscent of the ulu cutting tools that the Inuit use here in Alaska

You can find some other shapes and sizes of my polymer headpins in my Etsy shop 
Sorry for the quickie post  but I'm out the door to our farmers market 100 miles from here to see if I can sell some more earrings!
Kimberly Rogers