Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gnarled, Sweet, Fiery Autumn

It's no secret that I like to emulate the organic in my pieces, especially when it comes to my beloved polymer clay bells. I bite off all my nails every time I sit down to create them because it's hard enough to get one bell ~just right~. Getting a harmonious pair is almost impossible. 

Last week the deliciously crisp fall air here in Ohio was calling me, so I slipped on some grubby shoes and headed down the road for a hike at French Park, an old heavily wooded area famous for the variety of trees it showcases. 

Talk about a feast for the senses - as soon as I stepped foot on the trail, the beauty of autumn washed over me. The spicy sweetness of leaves crunching underfoot, the floral potpourri of freespirited goldenrod bending in the fields, birds twittering, the thump of dropping nuts as squirrels scurried to store for the winter, a crisp breeze against my cheek, and a smoky woodfire burning somewhere in the distance.


I came home envigorated, headed up to the studio, and created this polybell pair. The colors remind me of fiery fallen maple leaves - rich mustard, burnt orange, crispy edges, and a hint of natural decay. They're incredibly lightweight - not quite as light as leaves, but almost.

It's a labor of love to form, texture, paint, and seal each bell, but the results make me squeal every single time.

Hope everyone is enjoying the change of the season!

Happy Wednesday,

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  1. Oh my these are so yummy!!! Perfect for Firey Autumn!!

  2. Wow Nikki! Your description is so vivid! I feel like I was there with you! I love hiking and especially in the woods. What an amazing feeling - for sure! I can see how that inspiration translated over perfectly to your beads! Beautiful bells! So reminiscent of the autumn leaves. <3 Happy fall!

  3. Wow, wow, wow.... these are so pretty! I know how difficult it is to create a pair like this. You did an amazing job!