Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's the Small Things In Life

What is it about small things that makes us all warm and fuzzy and squealy inside? A fuzzy mewy kitten? A wee bud vase only big enough for one flower? A small shell found on the beach. Baby toes? 

See, you're smiling. 

As much as I love long dangly earrings, I'm also learning to appreciate the beauty of post earrings. It's harder to fit what you want to say into a smaller package, but if executed right, they can be deliciously wearable without sacrificing statement. 
Several weeks ago I had a free weekend---rare and choice---and spent it in the studio making a quartet of fossil post earrings in sterling silver. I had been saving these little fossilized sea urchins since my trip to Austin earlier this year. As an aside, if you're ever there, hit up Nature's Treasures for some serious rock candy. 

Please, please, try to suppress your squealing until this post is finished. 

Aren't they just so wee and cute? Plump little fossils with a bumpy geometric star pattern, naturally occurring thanks to Mother Nature. Did you know that fossilized sea urchins are also called sea biscuits? Think about that imagery in your mind - how appropriate? And I crafted two gnarled little prongs to reach out and hug each fossil. 

The warm neutrals of these make them suitable for any outfit - dress em up or dress em down. In fact, my good friend Staci of Staci Louise Originals is currently rocking this pair.

Alright, it's ok to squeal now...

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. How marvellous! I'm so jealous of your metalwork skills!

  2. I'm anxiously reading reading reading to find out where to buy these and dang Stacie has them! Lucky girl! I love everything about these. They are small and so full of character and sea-spirit. Great job Nikki! <3 I love how you've added the balled silver accents too. Really makes them special and gives them at artist touch!

  3. Very organic and beautiful as always!

  4. I'm not the squealing type, but I really like how you framed those little treasures.

  5. I was not expecting wee sea biscuits and fuzzy kittehs from the master of moody and mysterious, but they ARE totally squee-worthy. I love ocean things… these are so, so sweet.

  6. LOL - you all make me laugh and smile at the same time - thank you tons!! :)

  7. Such sweet little treasures of the sea! I love the way the silver looks like it is a barnacle that was pulled out along with it! Enjoy the day. Erin

  8. A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E !!! (Squealing.....) :D

  9. They are indeed darling!! I love that the little fossils have been "saved" from the obscurity of some lonely beach somewhere, and enshrined forever in sterling silver! Such sweet little things should definitely be worn and cherished.