Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Halo Earrings in Wintergreen

I've been reluctant to use and share my new ceramic components. But at the encouragement of friends I am revisiting them and warming up to them a lot more! It's like when you think something is going to be one way and then it ends up being something else. But then you realize that what it actually came be to be is just as great or even better...

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself with talk of winter when last week I was admiring the autumn leaves? It's cold and more cold is moving towards us from Canada according to the weather reports.

I am bundling up in my winter coat and will be digging my gloves out today!

I think this set would look great with a big fluffy white or pale blue-green sweater & jeans.
Casual, rustic.

For this set I have used a set of my own hand fused fine silver rings. I have hammered on one side to reveal a smooth silver surface on the other. I love smooth silver - and often turn the hammered side away.

The ceramic beads and dangles are handcrafted (Cindy's Art & Soul).

How do you see Winter? White and fluffy or maybe red & green? Or maybe neither of those? Maybe you are headed to the beach for a swim? What color is your winter?

Art & Soul Jewelry 

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  1. These earrings are SO pretty!! I'm really glad you decided to use the ceramic components that you've made. I love them! It IS winter up here, -31F this morning... if that's not winter, I don't know what is!! Everything is covered in snow. I could really see myself wearing these, while enjoying some cold winter air (although I'll wait until it warms up a tad before I venture out this week) :)

    Gorgeous colors and design, truly!!

  2. Oh yes these are so lovely! Love that soft minty green and the touch of rust on your ceramic pieces are such a nice touch!

  3. Beautiful earrings Cindy! I'm so glad you've decided to use some of your amazing ceramic beads. This pair of earrings say winter to me. I love the pastel colors with the sterling silver. Very cool earrings!!!

    You ask, what color is your winter, I'd like to say these colors. They say Winter to me. But I happen to live in the southwest desert and about all we see in the winter months is Brown, with more shades of brown mixed in. sigh...not so wintery like most of the country.

  4. These are beautiful earrings! My winter is blue-grey with a touch of salmon pink on the horizon peeking through inky black trees on a stark snow covered hillside. Winter hit us here to today in Wisconsin. I am not ready to wear socks! But I do like the big fluffy sweater idea! Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. Winter for me is black with navy, red and magenta creating a bold sensuous feeling

  6. Lovely earrings! My winter color is turquoise. I will be in Florida.

  7. Gorgeous ceramics! Gorgeous earrings!!

  8. Both your ceramic charms and beads, AND these earrings are fabulous! I love the colors (I'm a sucker for turquoise/brown) and the patterns on the charms--simple but very eye-catching. Beautiful glazes. And with the silverwork--perfection! (I also like the dot impressions echoed by the round silver rings.) You were obviously meant to work in this medium!!

  9. Love your new ceramic pieces! These earrings are very cool!

  10. Beautiful Cindy. I have admired your jewelry for a while now. Keep up the beautiful work, you are truly inspiring!