Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thong Earrings? Oh My!

A good friend arranged to come out  for a "crafternoon"
out in the boonies where we live over 100 miles down the Alaska Highway from where she lives. She's a hat maker, Heather of Mountain Heather Hats but is quite talented with her designing  and also works in her husband's commercial cabinetry shop utilizing her designing skills

She brought down some shiny bits of metallic leather that  Etsy seller FlorenceOliver had given her and she was generous to share some bits with me.
Heather has bought some components from me over the past few years and never seems to have the time to sit down and make some since that isn't her line of business although she did used to design an sell jewelry at one point in her crafting days.

I simply cut a little leather to run through the poly pieces and glued them together at the top where I punched the hole. The leather is so easy to cut and took me outside of the metal wire realm!

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Kimberly Rogers

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  1. Now that is a clever way of stringing these gorgeous beads. And the name just made me smile!

  2. I thought it was hammered brass at first! Love the mix of textures.

  3. Yep love them the name and colors, we all need a pair of metallic thongs!!!