Monday, November 30, 2015

GUEST POST :: Sarajo Wentling of SJ Designs Jewelry

Hello, lovelies! 

Sometimes we have an extra day or two in a month and when that happens we like to extend an invitation to designers that we enjoy to have them share their unique design perspectives. Today, the Earrings Everyday crew welcomes Sarajo Wentling of SJ Designs Jewelry. Sarajo is a regular in our monthly challenges, loves to use art beads in her designs, hand patina on metal is a specialty of hers, and she has a self-directed weekly earring challenge called New Earring Monday where she shares her latest and greatest earring pairs. Sarajo is from Minnesota and lives with her craft-beer loving husband Eric, who is also a gifted photographer. She uses one of his photos for her inspiration today. Check it out! ~Erin

Photo by Eric Wentling

Fall is my favorite season and it's far too fleeting in Minnesota where it sometimes feels like winter has its icy grip on us for more than half the year!  These earrings are both a nod and a fond farewell to my favorite season and all its fabulous color.  I started with some yummy lampwork glass rings that I bought from Alice St. Germain of Succulent Glass at Bead Fest Philadelphia.  Their colors instantly reminded me of fall and made me think of a photo my husband had taken of some changing maple leaves.  I had just the perfect color Czech glass maple leaf beads to dangle from the lampwork rings to add a fun flair.

Fall Finery by Sarajo Wentling
I haven't done too much wire wrapping in my jewelry making pursuits beyond simple wrapped loops and bails so I had to overcome my fears of "messing up" and wasting wire.  (Seriously, why has it been so intimidating to me?  The worst thing that could possibly happen would be destroying a few cents worth of wire and having to try again.)  Anyway, I bucked up my courage, cut a length of wire and started to play.  And you know what?  I didn't mess it up at all!  Not only that, I really liked the way my wire wraps turned out!  They aren't overly precise but I think that works with the imperfect shape of the lampwork rings and the organic nature of fall foliage.  

Sarajo Wentling
Sj Designs Jewelry


  1. Welcome Sarajo, wonderful to have you guest on our blog!! I love these little earrings, definitely fall inspired!! And I love the wire wrapping, perfectly messy just like I like it! :)

  2. Love the earrings and your "messy" wire wrapping. So well done and such gorgeous colors. Reminds me of Lake George in the Fall.

  3. Welcome, Miss Sarajo! Obviously, you need to do more wire wrapping. These earrings are great and the wraps are that added detail that makes these stand out. Thanks for joining us! Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. I love your wire wraps, your earrings, and your advice! I'm going to play more with wire. Fun to see you here.

  5. Sarajo, one wouldn't know you've been letting wrapping intimidate you. They look as though you've been wrapping all along! Lovely colors, lovely inspiration photo!

  6. Sarajo, one wouldn't know you've been letting wrapping intimidate you. They look as though you've been wrapping all along! Lovely colors, lovely inspiration photo!

  7. Thanks for all the kind words, everyone! I'm so honored to be sharing my creations on one of my favorite blogs!

    I have to laugh because I had originally described my wraps as "messy" but Eric didn't think that sounded very positive. LOL. I told him "messy" wasn't a dirty word in this group!

  8. Welcome Sarajo! Great earrings! I do love this style of wrapping! And I agree about the copper, it's a great way to test designs. But I think these are a keeper!

  9. Welcome Sarajo! Your wire wrapping is perfectly messy. Love these earrings and certainly love your wire wrap.