Friday, March 2, 2012

Flower Child

I'm crazy about these flower beads my husband makes (Bubby & McGurk Beads) and since spring is right around the corner, I was inspired to be colorful. 

I think they would look great paired with this blouse from Sundance Catalog. Oh how I LOVE that catalog! 

Of course I could totally picture this flower child wearing them as well :)
Image found on Pinterest

To see these earrings or view more of my work please visit my website.

Kristy Abner


  1. Adorable Kristy, off to check out your hubby's shop!

  2. Thank you Kristi! I put the link to his FB page because he sells off of there more than Etsy.

  3. These are cute, versatile and pop with color. I love them too!

  4. Great earrings! They really would look just lovely with that flowered top! :)

  5. A fun pair of earrings: you managed to include the color of the year {Tangerine Tango} with a pop of blue!
    Spring might be around the corner, but in Kansas it can't decide whether to appear or not. Yesterday it was 71 degrees & today it snowed...

  6. Absolutely love Dean's flower beads and I simly adore how you put everything together to match a fun fashion piece <3 - I bet these feel fabulous - love those longer Kidney wires! Super job as always Kristy :)