Thursday, March 8, 2012

Island Vacation

Rum Punch with an Umbrella in it on the Beach in Jamaica
I need a vacation, and a tropical island would do just fine. I would wear these with a matching bikini and sarong. And some turquoise Crocs.

These charming beadcaps are made from vintage, printed tin by Donna Millard, with green aventurine roundels and green turquoise heishi. I used a pair of my hand-formed earwires, wrapped with glass seed beads in bright turquoise.

I'm thinking the sarong will have sleeves, buttons up the front, and maybe a hood.


  1. Chuckle, snort! I love that last line!
    I am thinking spring this week! Temps in the 50s, the ice has melted off the river, and I have decided that I will no longer wear socks! ;-)
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Great stuff! They feel very tropical :)