Sunday, March 4, 2012

Perfect for the Supreme Earring collector!!

I am not an earring collector, I like to make them! I do however have a few clients and a couple friends {you know who you are} that are either obsessed or in love with everything earring!! They just can't get enough!! Well this one's for you!!
 I can fit over 150 pairs of earrings on this board! They are perfect for all the markets I do throughout the year, but they would be perfect for home, to display a large collection, you could even make a mini version of it if you lack the space!
 A closeup allows you to see the delicate and very practical holes of the lace trim I added to be able to hang all those earrings. The background is an old tablecloth that was too small for my shows. So the whole thing is upcycled! Old frame with broken glass, old table cloth and thrift store lace trim! 

Thanks for joining us once again here on Earrings Everyday.
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  1. When I looked at this post I thought that looks just like the one Marie had at the Fireworks Festival in Calgary last summer. Then I saw it was yours! Great design and it looked great in person.

  2. Very clever lace idea! It looks like you sewed a pocket and strung wire through it? Also curious as to how you price each pair of earrings. I feel like I'm cluttered with tags sometimes!

    1. I simply covered the old frame backing with batting and added fabric on it. A totally no sew project since I can't sew to save my life! For pricing I just add a little sticky tag under each pair directly onto the cloth. Once I sell the earrings I just remove it. Easy!

  3. Great idea! I have a large frame that I want to do something with...thanks for the inspiration. :)

  4. How clever you are Marie! I love this idea :)