Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Turtle Crossing

Today's earrings are inspired by the love of the Delaware Shores. 
Every year as I pass through Rte 1 at the Indian River Inlet, 
I see the signs of Turtle Crossing
I camped here as a kid for as long as I can remember 
with my parents, sister and brothers ~ Aunt's Uncles, Grandmothers, Cousins & Friends.
Always a fun place to see shore wildlife, we used to crab with chicken necks &
 clam with prong rakes and baskets in inner tubes.  
Dad would fish all day and we would ride the waves at the beach, 
explore the jetty rocks for spider crabs and lost lures.  
Ride our bikes to the small marina at the end of the road 
& see the boat fisherman's bounty ~ 

Now I head to the beach with my family...
my kids love it almost as much as I do...
Soon they will be grown up and I'm sure they will be 
telling the stories of camping with the turtles 
& all the wonders of the Delaware Beaches ~ 

This isn't a fashion post....
it's a post about good memories, 
Every time I put my turtle earrings on, 
I think of the Beach....
and smile....
so many good memories ~ 

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  1. I was in awe with this design when you first posted them on Facebook! They are so sweet! Love the story behind them, too!

  2. Delightful earrings! beautiful colors!

  3. Sounds like an idyllic place. And lovely earrings to remind you of the fun you have had there. The patina on the background is perfect for a turtle design very watery looking.

    1. Someday you should make your way to the Delaware beaches,...June - Sept

  4. I think this is my favorite kind of post. Remembering cherished childhood memories :) Love the earrings!

  5. I love the turtle crossing sign! Its wonderful to have a place like this that you share life long family memories , I have a place on the Oregon coast that is like that for meI started camping there when I was 9 months old, with my whole family, from grand parents to cousins, and my kids started before they were born.......great memories!

  6. The turtle earrings are great and I loved the story - that makes them that more fun to know the story behind them. As I said on your FB - your new patinas are awesome.

  7. It's great you can pass down a traditional place. We had a place like that, a cabin on a lake, but we moved and I haven't been there in years. A couple of my cousins kept up with it until recently.

    Speaking of turtles your cute turtle earrings remind me of my grandmother. She collected turtle jewelry!

  8. I'm absolutely loving the patina colors used! Purples and greens are two of my fav colors and they are so richly represented here! Wonderful!

  9. Love the story behind the earrings! :)

  10. Love the earrings they are so cute and colorful! The wonderful storie and memories make them all the more fun!

  11. Beautiful!! I love a piece of jewellery with a story behind it :))


  12. These earrings are adorable and the patina colors are GREAT!
    Love the story Melinda...

  13. Cute Earrings and a great story. Have to see Delaware sometime!