Friday, September 8, 2017

What's wrong with this picture?

Can you see it?

Have you seen it yet?

I'll tell you anyway.
So I made the first earring on the left with 3 antiqued brass rings (top half).  When I went to make the second one I realised I didn't have a 3rd antiqued brass ring.  I searched everywhere, my desk, floor, all the rooms in my house (my beads are everywhere) to no avail.  I still wanted to finish the earrings and decided to use a raw brass ring for the second earring (on the right) in place of the 3rd antiqued ring.  I then undid the first earring and made it up again to match the second one.  I took photos yesterday...everything was perfect.
Later in the day as I began to edit the photos my eyes were drawn to the gold on the right one, I also noticed that there was no gold on the left earring.  I thought to myself "but I made that earring up again to match the second one"
Oops.  Apparently I've made up the same earring twice using the same 3 antiqued rings.  As you can imagine I called myself lots of names which I won't repeat here.  I could not bring myself to make the same earring for a 3rd time with the gold ring so for now they are staying like this. Ceramic connectors by the one and only Petra Carpreau

On a brighter note, I also made these - part of my industrial collection, a phase I am going through right now.  More about phases another time.

That's all for today.  I will be back in a couple of weeks time.  Have a lovely weekend.  


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  1. Lol! Well I had to look long and hard to notice it. These are beautiful. Really loving your industrial phase

  2. Grin, if you didn't tell, I would not have noticed. I love this industrial fase of yours. Gorgeous earrings.

  3. Never would have noticed...but when you mention it, I like the flash of the brass xx

  4. I picked it up, but only because you said to look for something. All your industrial earrings are gorgeous! Very cool phase :) xoxo

  5. I absolutely love your industrial phase! These are fantastic...I actually love that the rings are different. Made them feel even more organic :)

  6. Suhana, I will admit I saw it. . . but that is just my insatiable eye for detail. If you hadn't mentioned it, I would've assumed it was deliberate and patted you on the back for the tiny touch of asymmetry. :) Every once in a while I will do something like that, just to see if anyone notices/mentions it. ;) Great earrings, all of them.

  7. I love them better for it!! I absolutely love the design!

  8. I didn't notice it, which is unusual because I am usually painfully alert to details. ;) But I think they look awesome with a bit of asymmetry. If it makes you feel any better, I once noticed an inadvertent asymmetry in a pair of earrings only after I'd already listed them on Etsy and they'd been put on reserve for a customer...ah well. I LOVE your industrial earrings! They're beautiful AND they have a touch of the Medieval to them, which makes the Medievalist in me very happy. :) xoxo

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