Thursday, September 7, 2017

An apple a day

... keeps the doctor away :) Well, at least let's hope so!

I was talking with my hubby a couple of months ago about wanting to make some mini apples and pumpkin beads for Fall creations. It's my favorite season in terms of the richness of colors, the nice cool crisp air, and because it's actually cool enough for me to snuggle up in a cozy sweater. I love handmade sweaters!

I don't knit much these days, but playing with beads is always on the agenda... So my hubby made me a small batch of super cute apple and pumpkin beads! Yippee!!

I may be biased here, but I think he did a really fabulous job. He's very patient and likes a challenge. Each one is individually hand sculpted by him and I added the finishing touches of pretty shimmering mica colors and protective glaze.

Check these out:

Polymer Clay Handmade Red Apple Beads

Don't you just want to eat these precious little Red Apples?

Although I don't eat 'pumpkin' anything.... I know, bad girl lol - but hey, that leaves more for you!
I really adore how these little pumpkins turned out:
Polymer Clay Handmade Pumpkin Beads
I wanted to make a pair of Red Apples Earrings and this is what I made, featuring a pair of my honey's gorgeous apple beads:
Handmade Fall Apple Earrings by Nathalie Lesage
I've added a dangling drop of wood beads (for the tree), and some green and copper Czech glass beads, as well as some Swarovski crystals in Light Siam and Topaz. Lots of sparkles showcasing end of Summer/Fall colors!

Most of the pumpkin and apple beads sold in my FB showcase in July, but we made a couple of extras to list them in my Etsy shop HERE (the quantity is VERY limited). Grab 'em while you can. We're both quite unwell at the moment, and I'm not taking any more custom orders at this point.

These one of a kind Fall earrings are also available for grabs HERE in my shop :-)

Our thoughts and prayers are going to everyone in the path of all the hurricanes, as well as those affected by all the wild fires both in the States and up here in Canada.
Be safe, stay strong, don't give up xoxo

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  1. These are adorable- they do look good enough to eat!! What a great team you and your hubby make :)

    1. Thank you :) We really do enjoy creating polymer clay goodies together.

  2. Oh wow, you both are a very talented team. That must be so much fun, creating together.
    The beads are super cute and I love the earrings you made with them.

    1. Thanks Janine! He didn't know anything about polymer clay, and when our doctors (we're both disabled) told us to find something to do, find a hobby to help us distract our minds etc, I had worked with polymer clay years ago, and I knew this would be awesome for him to learn. He's a natural!

  3. What a talented team indeed! The beads are exquisite and the earrings are lovely -such a clever design. Love them

  4. Wow these are super!! My favourites are the pumpkins and you've made beautiful earrings out of the apples.

  5. What an amazing thing to read that your husband made these luscious little beads. You really have to have patience to make tiny beads of any kind!! And very nimble fingers. Great job! Please tell him that for me. Your coloring work is beautiful, too, Nathalie. A Super duo! Lovely work.

    1. Darren was very happy to hear your comments :) Thank you my friend! We do enjoy working on polymer clay together. It's healing for both of us.

  6. omg, those are the sweetest things ever!! Love them so much!!

  7. I love your apples and pumpkins, Nathalie! And your earrings are just beautiful. I cannot WAIT for autumn to get here! xoxo