Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Twisted Sisters

A couple of weeks ago my friend Lucy had an on line show to ease herself back into production of her metal work, after a break while she settled into her new house in wild Wales. A one woman show is quite taxing, and she won't mind me saying she isn't always in the best of health, having had an industrial accident several years ago which left her with a badly damaged back.  Late in the afternoon I knew she was pooped (her words!) so I offered to go on for an hour with some examples of how I use her more unusual findings.

So I posted my 'Twisted Sisters' They use Lucy's 'twisted sisters' connectors - she tells a good tale about how I rang her up one day and said imperiously ' I need something new - make me something different' and she came up with these. Bit of poetic licence, I say...................

These were the pairs I posted. I called these 'Platinum Blonde and 'Blood Meridian.' I overwrap Lucy's connectors with swarowski crystals in colours that blend, or contrast with the ceramic drops - they are fun to make.

It wasn't too long before I started getting comments asking if I was making some more - it's a style I haven't made for well over a year now. But now I'm hooked again. 

So here we are - some lovely new autumn colours. The ceramic drops that I take my colours from are, of course, by the wonderful Petra.  


                  A Clockwork Orange

                Fiesta - The Sun also Rises.

The new pairs will be in my Etsy shop this week, and I feel more coming on!

               See you in a couple of weeks


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  1. Always a great combination: the beautiful artwork of Lucy and Petra and your wonderful creativity Lindsay. The art sisters resulted in these beautiful twisted sisters.

  2. They do that Janine. Thankyou sweeties x

  3. Fabulous! Edgy and quite industrial but beautiful at the same time x

  4. I love the contrast between the lovely crystals and the rustic parts! Awesome and beautiful

  5. Wonderful colors and designs! Each one is unique and gorgeous :)

  6. Beautiful earrings and love Lucy's twisted sister ❤️

    1. Thanks Suhana - yep, they are one of my favourite components x

  7. Gorgeous designs and colour combinations - stunning, Lindsay!!XX:O)<3

  8. I remember these! And I love these just as much. Glad you're making them again; they're definitely an evergreen style. :) xoxo