Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Riches

I'm sure we all have colour combinations we can't resist. I love magenta and copper.

I made these back in.... I can't remember! Some time ago. They have been in my shop waiting patiently for a new home. 

See how patient they look? I've mixed copper-coloured czech glass with pink impression jasper wheels, and finished them off with some vintage copper-tone drops. They've been patient so long that they've been placed in a temporary sale section. I'm also offering 25% off all jewellery this week. All of this means that you can grab these for less than £10 - or under $15 - if you use the discount code SPRING25. Here's a link. Am I alone in my love of magenta and copper?

bye for now, Claire


  1. I'm with you! I love this color combination too--any rosy shade with copper, I adore! These are spectacular! I have some fuchsia impression jasper myself--two strands! I couldn't resist it. I love the longer slender drops at the bottom of these, very slinky!

  2. Beautiful color combo and I LOVE stacked earrings so I like them double!! Very elegant!

  3. Really beautiful color you've captured Claire! I love the facets on the drops and the two colors together really make a statement. BeeUteeFull!

  4. This has a regal feeling to it. I love the long length as well. Those drops are perfect! Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. Fabulous!!! I'm a huge fan of dark pinks and burned orange and this fits the bill fabulously... Drooling.

  6. I had never even thought of this combo until just now - but am loving it! Love the sleek lines you've created here :)