Thursday, March 19, 2015


Recently I've shared a couple of posts with earrings that were made for a Stacked Earrings blog hop initiated by Malin de Koning. All the participants enjoyed the challenge so much, we decided to make it a regular thing. This time it was my turn to select and send the beads out. Here's one of the pairs that I made.

These were one of the last pairs I made and one of the pairs with which I was most pleased. I thought I'd made all the earrings I was going to make when I came up with the idea of putting some of the stacked beads on a skinny vintage chain link. It gives the earrings an appealing and unusual movement. The dotty lampwork spacers are from Cat Lampwork and I've mixed them with pearls, Indonesian glass, Greek ceramics and Czech glass, including some crackled glass rounds which I thought I'd never find a use for!

Before I go, I must give you a quick reminder that this month's We're All Ears Blog Hop is happening tomorrow.  Erin has found some stunning images to inspire your designs. I'm hoping to have a go myself.  Have you got yours made yet?

Bye for now, Claire


  1. Beautiful bead stack Claire! Genius Idea with the vintage link! Thanks for sharing! :-D

  2. I can tell these earrings would have great movement, I think swaying is probably the perfect word! such pretty elements with just a touch of the soft blue, beautiful design!

  3. Beautiful stacked earrings.The beads are just lovely.

  4. These earrings are so cool! I love how the eye is drawn in to read the 'story' from the bottom-up :) A new discovery each time the eye moves up. Love!

  5. I love the soft baby-colors in these, and the combination of finishes--the crackle glass with the pearls, and the metallic copper spacers, and then some matte finishes to balance it all out. I would love to see them in action on their chains!