Monday, March 2, 2015

Daisy Pallet _ Hessonite and Ceramic Earrings

I was fortune last week to get a little (unplanned) bead shopping in. It was an impromptu stop and I had no list or agenda when entering the store. This type of shopping is the most dangerous (expensive) kind... for me. Just grabbing every beautiful, wanton strand I could manage to get off the hooks and into my basket.

After a few deep breathes and sorting them at the counter I ended up putting a few back.. but kept the most exquisite and beautiful ones to bring home.

What inspires my jewelry work most is the materials. When I have beautiful materials to use - how can I go wrong? Secondly... is the world around me. Nature.

This set brings them together. Spring flowers and sunflower yellow faceted gems.

I adore this weepy flower stamp. I have created these charms from hammering out fine silver. Paired with handcrafted ceramic beads - finished with a blue-gray and topaz colored glaze. I found this little peekaboo of topaz color was absolutely brought to life next to these squarish Hessonite beads I picked up last week. Wrapped up in fine silver wire and dangling from hand forged sterling silver ear wires.
Hessonite garnets - local Seattle bead shop - Alexanders Bead Bazaar
+ Handcrafted fine silver charms 

Available at Art and Soul Jewelry


  1. I love every piece you used in these earrings and they all go together seamlessly! I don't think I've ever heard of Alexanders Bead Bazaar. I've shopped at a bead shop on Roosevelt but I don't think it's the same one. I'll be checking it out for sure!

    1. Yes, it's on Roosevelt too. They have a lot of Buddhist statutory and Indonesia tapestries. The place is really full to the brim with *stuff! It's quite a scene. :-) And really fun to shop - if you venture out of the center gems to the outer edges - there's all kind of neat finds!

    2. And thank you so much for your comment! :-)

  2. Love the earrings... so pretty! And omg the gems!! What a cool place to shop at :) Yes, those impromptu shopping trips at bead stores are sooooooo dangerous lol

  3. These are beautiful! I love those itty bitty ceramic beads! Like a large pea. Again, you've hit a homer with the glaze--love the splash of amber, and you're right, the hessonite really makes them glow! (That is one of my favorite stones ever.) Delicious with the silver wrapping. (Based on my last trip to the local bead shop, I suspect they are back from Tucson--I am afraid to go over there.)

  4. Lovely earrings and beautiful colour tones!
    I'm avoiding bead fairs and bead shops for a while. Seeing all those beautiful strings of beads is just too much to resist and my will power just evaporates at the door.

  5. Super - what a lovely mix of lovelies! It's probably as well that bead fairs like that don't come round my way much!

  6. Gorgeous earrings Cindy! Your wire wrapping is perfect. I love the drops that you made with the flowers. The weepy flower is so cute! Love your stash of beads too! Nice job!

  7. Your weepy flower charms have stolen my heart! :)