Monday, March 23, 2015

Carefree days

We had a snow storm again last night... 
I am soooooooo ready for the carefree days of Summer! How about you??

Inspired by a Polyvore set that I've put together, I went with the 'fringe' route this weekend :)

Marliata Glass Earrings with Hemp Cords and Sterling Silver

Wild flowers... hot sun.... the breeze dancing in your hair..... your feet in the sand... 
Carefree Summer days (hopefully coming soon!) :)

Carefree Beach Set

I have designed these 4" long earrings using a gorgeous pair of berrylicious artisan glass beads from Little Crow (I don't have a link, as I have not seen a shop for her anymore for a few years anywhere online - does anyone know what happened to her?), some variegated hemp cords in shades of purple, dark pink, sky blue and dark blue, and Bali Silver dotted beads, and sterling accent beads:
Glass Earrings With Hemp Knots and Sterling Silver by Nathalie Lesage
These long earrings are extremely lightweight and full of spirit!

You can find these listed HERE in my Nathalie Lesage online store. ** For my American friends, now is a good time to shop on my website, as the Canadian Dollar is quite a bit lower than the US Dollar, your US Price gives you a great discount at the moment! It's a great time to shop at

Wishing you a beautiful day... 


  1. I an see them swinging in the warm summer breeze! They would look great with this outfit!

  2. Wow! I love the colors you've pulled here! Totally summer. Missing it too! Love the texture of the fabric mixed with the bold glass beads. Just lovely!

  3. Oh my gosh Nathalie! These are so fun and I love the colors. Yes, bring on spring (summer can wait because I hate the heat but I am definitely over the snow!)!

  4. Oh my, so much fun!! All those amazing colors surrounding the stunning lampwork beads. Time to party!!