Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Knots And Dots Earrings

My time in Oaxaca, Mexico has almost come to an end. I'm feeling a little sad about that, though there are definitely some things at home that I am missing by now.

The earrings that I am sharing today, carry a little bit of Oaxaca with them.  See those fun turquoise knotted beads?  I got them at a bead store here.  I've never seen anything similar in the States.
Actually, these earrings are quite international.  In addition to the Mexican knots, the dotted ceramic beads and the brass flowers were made in the U.K. by Bo Hulley and Lesley Watt, respectively.  The brass wire was made in the U.S. and the earrings were made by a gringa residing in Mexico!

The vivid colors of Mexico have been very inspiring to me.  The Knots and Dots Earrings echo the colors of this building I passed last week.  The orange in the building in much more intense than the orange glaze that Bo used on her beads, but it is clearly the same color family as in these earrings.
I have been building a stand-alone website for my jewelry and art beads, this past month. You can reach it by going to  You will find the Knots and Dots Earrings there.  Have a look around.  I hope you like my new digs!
This will be my last post from Oaxaca.  I'll be writing from the States, in two weeks when I post again.  Till then, adios!


  1. Muy bonita! Those little knots are so cute too! Beautiful colors and truly unique earrings! I like your website too... well done! I lived in the Caribbean for a number of years, and although I really enjoyed my years there, there were things I was missing from back home up here in Canada. It's good to be home :)

  2. So sweet - definitely loving the colours!

    1. Thanks. The colors are fun together. Looks like spring!

  3. Your earrings are really lovely as is the inspiration in the photo. Safe travels!

  4. The knot has three names: monkey knot, monkey's paw, monkey's fist. If you want to make some google it up. I have never seen them as beads before and wow, they are amazing!

  5. That's the first thing that caught my eye, those little knots, what a wonderful find in Oaxaca!! I can imagine the mixed feelings about coming to the end of your time there, I hope we can get together and play when you return home. Adorable earrings Linda!!!

  6. Beautiful Linda! So glad to see your new site! It looks great so far! Love the banner! Your earrings are very pretty. Great colors!

  7. Love your new website. I've really enjoyed your Mexican posts!