Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Verdigris Moroccan Earrings

I do a show every August that is a fund raiser for transitional housing for women and children.  They always have a theme and this year it is "Moroccan Mystique".  For the first time ever, they have asked the vendors to dress in accordance with the theme.  Which got me to thinking about what contemporary Moroccan style might look like.

So naturally I turned to Pinterest for inspiration.  What did I ever do without Pinterest?  I saw lots of caftans and blouses that were designed like short caftans. 
There were sandals and gorgeous henna designs.
But the best thing of all was the jewelry!  Totally inspiring!
So, while I still don't have a Moroccan style blouse, I do have some Moroccan inspired earrings now.  These lack the diamonds and gemstones of the earrings pictured above, but I can see an echo of Moroccan Mystic the the shapes.  The verdigris metal stampings are from Miss Fickle Media



  1. These are awesome earrings Linda. Love them.

  2. Beautiful Earrings I love that patina!

  3. What a great idea for a fundraiser! I love it! And those earrings are so Moroccan Chic! That Miss Fickle makes the most gorgeous things!
    Enjoy the day. Erin

  4. These are fabulous! Love the patina pieces!

  5. Linda - I think we're on an "harmonic convergence" lately!

    First, the discussion of "rustic" on AJE the other day, now these drop-dead-gorgeous Verdigris Earrings!! How did you know that for the last few weeks I've been scouring my library for books on Morocco?!

    These are so beautiful, they're going to sit right here on my computer screen all day, so I can glance at them every time I walk by.

  6. These are beautiful Linda! I would have never known those were metal! Lovely design!

  7. I'm totally in the mood after seeing your earrings and their inspiration! Such a wonderful cause to support as well.

  8. These are fabulous Linda! Love how the pattern on the lampwork echoes the textures on the brass (those puffy hoops are amazing).