Thursday, July 24, 2014

Birch Twig Earrings

I needed a simple pair of earrings for my fall/winter 2014 collection that I'm currently designing. My heart relishes in autumn inspirations so I don't mind mentally wandering through birch forests in the middle of summer. It's sort of my happy place!

These were inspired by Gustav Klimt's Birch Grove painting.

The earrings have hand-forged twigs: copper that is hammered and darkened with patina, accented by tiny Czech glass beads and hung on natural brass earwires. 

I made the earrings to go with these Woodland Butterfly Bracelets,  the birch forest reflected in the mixed colors of glass beads. These have tiny polymer clay butterfly wing charms. I love their earthy bohemian style. I kept two of these for myself and have been wearing them everyday. Love stacking them together!


  1. Perfect! I fancy a pair of these myself!

  2. Beautiful! I love the twig inspired earrings.

  3. love the twig earrings, love how the patina makes them all so individual,
    what kind of beads did you use in your bracelets? they look three-sided.

  4. Yum! I love this color palette for fall, it looks fresh and new.

  5. Oh wow, I have a print of that exact painting in my bedroom! Love the simplicity of these, and adore the colors in your bracelet.