Monday, July 28, 2014

That 70's Vibe

My husband and I are leaving the full-time RVing to move into an apartment later this week, and the building is older (but nicely maintained) and it has a definite "70's vibe" to it, which I love!

It takes me back to some good times, and looking forward to more good memories
to be created with my love :)

I really enjoy the colors and styles of that era, so I created an outfit on Polyvore as my inspiration:

That 70's Vibe Arizona Shades

And I made these earrings to match... Rustic shades of the 70's in Arizona:
I just loooooooove this stash of rustic Tourmaline nuggets,
and how they change colors depending on the light.

These two have rich shades of caramel and mossy green, plus a hint of peach.
Just yummilicious earthy tones, with a bit of funky 70's groove.
The artisan lampwork beads have various shades of caramel, cream, silver glass and turquoise.

These earrings are not all that different than a few pairs I've showcased before,
but every pair has sold out so far... I had to make another pair. Each one is unique. 

You can find this pair on my website HERE.

Thanks for looking! Enjoy your week :)

Nathalie Lesage
Metalsmith & Jewelry Artist


  1. Those are wonderful Nathalie, or maybe far out is a better 70's description. Love the chunky nuggets and the lampies are beautiful!

  2. Beatufiul earrings! Love the lampwork mixed with the rustic stones. The colors are great! I am a child of the 70's. Love bell-bottom pants and floppy hats! Great collection!

  3. Very pretty, Nathalie... (also "right on", "solid", and "heavy") :)

  4. Wow - those tourmaline nuggets are beautiful. Very nice earrings - I'm not surprised they keep selling!

  5. Love these earrings, they are beautiful! Also love the outfit you put together, how fun! :)

  6. Beautiful, just beautiful, Nathalie!

  7. Love the colors and the wirework, the silver accent rings are a great touch!