Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Sand Between Your Toes

It's the time of year when minds turn to booking your summer holiday - if you are as late in doing so as  I am!

Thinking of beaches and rockpools, clear azure seas, hazy mountains in the distance; a cool glass of wine in a beach bar in the evening, watching the red sun slowly go down behind those mountains. Bliss. I can almost feel warm sand between my toes.

This week I've even foregone my normal dark wood photo background for this whitewash wood/white sand one. I must say, it was a lot trickier to get the right exposure on a light background. 

My friend Helen Backhouse recently took a trip to London to meet up with some friends over from New Zealand. The guy is an absolute expert on shells and always brings her some new ones with which to make moulds for her polymer clay pieces. In their honour she has come up with some wonderful new matte sorbet colours, as shown in these two pairs. Soft lilacs and blue/greens.

This pair are so full of texture I thought I'd add some more! The little lampwork beads with tiny shells and sand particles on I've had for years but are from Mayahoney. I've tied them with lilac waxed irish linen cord and seed beads. 

 My second pair have larger smoother whirly shells wrapped with bronze wire to chunky amethyst cubes and amazonite rondelles, perfectly echoing the colours Helen has used for the shells.
I hope these put you in holiday mood! I've a few shell pairs now in my Etsy shop.
See you again in two weeks
Lindsay xx


  1. utterly delicious - a touch of lavender with elements of the sea - both calming....

  2. There are some incredible shells to be found on the beaches of New Zealand with an array of pearly lustre. Also check out the native carved green stone on your next Kiwi adventure.

  3. Beautiful as always Lindsay. These definitely put my in a holiday mood. Amazing work from Helen as well.

  4. Oh my gosh, how gorgeous are these shells AND these earrings!! 💗

  5. They’re beautiful and loving your new photos too.

  6. Just beautiful work as always! Gahh those last ones speak to me!

  7. Lindsay, you and Helen are the perfect team. The colors in the shells are amazing, simply amazing, and your creations are summer holiday beautiful! Yes! Hugs. <3