Friday, April 21, 2017

We're All Ears :: April Reveal :: Eggs

Remember a few weeks ago when I said that I wondered if I would get the kids to color eggs with me? Well, they didn't need much prodding! But they were very wary of the camera (so shhhhh....don't tell the boy that I snapped this pic! teehee!)

We had a good time dunking the eggs in all different colors that my daughter mixed up: lemon, raspberry, grass, peacock, grape. I decided to do sort of a madras-plaid style by dipping the eggs in partway and then turning them and dipping in another color and another. They didn't end up very vibrant this year, and I am not sure where all those speckles came from as they dried (but I do like them!), but I would count this as an all-around success. Especially that I got to keep making that memory with my kids for one more year!

I thought about all different egg options that I had.... speckled blue robin's eggs from Humblebeads.... creating my own painted egg charms.... but I ultimately went back to my original inspiration: the pysanky eggs.

Those brightly colored eggs gave me the color palette. All of them! And I was playing around with how to translate a painting technique I have been doing for a few months called fluid painting or pour paintings into polymer clay. I think I may have cracked the shell on this one! (pun intended!)

So as I was making some other beads for my Art Bead Scene inspired challenge for my Simple Truths Sampler in a densely rich color palette, I noticed I had these ends with swirls leftover. I decided to make a couple of egg beads of my own.

Since they are really brightly hued and highly patterned with whorls and bends and swirls of color swishing all the way through, I decided that I should keep the rest of it simple. Some rustic headpins and a little bit of bling with the AB crystal rondelle beads was all it needed.

Now it is your turn! Show off what you made with the theme of EGGS!


  1. great earrings! Love the colors, so cheerful and happy!
    Thank you so much for the challenge. You, yourself, such an inspiration to me :)))

  2. Really pretty eggs! Great challenge this month. Thank you!

  3. I'm intrigued with what you're working on for Simple Truths... but those eggs you made make me swoon!! Love the simple elegance of the earrings you created. Thanks for another fun challenge!

  4. It's marbleing at its best. Fun designs

  5. First, I love the eggs, speckles and all. What a fun time to share with the kids :) Your earrings and beads are fabulous! I love the look! Very happy and upbeat :) Nat xoxo

  6. Wow! There is a latest Design of the Jewellery are there in

  7. Erin, how beautiful everything came out! I love the swirls of color. It must have been a lot of fun!