Thursday, September 15, 2016

We're All Ears :: September Reveal

[Photo credit :: Erol Ahmed :: Chicago :: Unsplash]
I love all the different textures in the pictures of the cityscapes. There are lines and dots. There are spindles and squares. There are angles and intersections.

So for my earrings, I decided to play with the shape and colors and textures. I kept the shape consistent, but used different metals for their industrial palette and each with a distinct texture - from a hammer, a microfold brake or etching. I attached them slightly off-center to evoke that feeling of the perspective of the city landscape using square jump rings. The look of a modern skyline in a contemporary format.

So what about the cityscape intrigued you most? Show us what you made!

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  1. The metal work is wonderful. I loved learning about the microfold brake. It looks like an interesting device. Your use of different metals captured the colors in the photo. Well done!

  2. Love love love your interpretation. The mixed metals and textures combined with the repeating rectangle shape in varied sizes is perfect for this theme. Stunning as usual. I wanted to play along but my muse was just stumped. I grew up rural but have lived urban (just outside Washington DC) for over 15 years. I think any initial awe at the city skyline has been worn off by the traffic and congestion down here at ground level.

  3. Love the contrasting metals and their surface textures. Thanks for such a great inspiration Erin, I made me write about my New York experiences at last

  4. Those look like they would have great movement! I love the mix of metals and textures... and those square jump rings are a fun touch!