Friday, September 2, 2016

We're All Ears :: September Inspiration

I live in a mid-sized town of about 25,000. The tallest building we have might reach up to 4-5 stories. There are no sky scrapers to be found in our area.

[Photo credit  :: New York City :: Anthony Delanoix :: Unsplash]
So when I see sweeping vistas of glittering glass dissected with strong steel beams reaching up to the sky, it feels like I am looking at a sci fi movie or a distant alien planet.

[Photo credit :: Lee Aik Soon :: Singapore :: Unsplash]
I am sure that some of you out there might live in big cities, or at least visit them once in awhile, so it isn't such a big deal, but to me these views are breathtaking.

[Photo credit :: Nirzar Pangarkar :: New York :: Unsplash]
I love the geometry...
[Photo credit :: Peter Nguyen :: Singapore :: Unsplash]
and the repetition.
[Photo credit :: Erol Ahmed :: Chicago :: Unsplash]
I love the simple clean lines and the jumbled boxes-on-top-of-boxes shapes.

[Photo credit :: Vladimir Kudinov :: New York :: Unsplash]
I love the fact that there is always one building that totally stands out and dominates the skyline, making an unique skyline that is instantly recognizable as a particular place.

[Photo credit :: Sebastien Gabriel :: San Francisco :: Unsplash]
I love the fact that even if it seems cold and unyielding there really is a wealth of colors all around.

[Photo credit :: Brandon Moore :: Chicago :: Unsplash]
I love the juxtaposition with the hard lines of the buildings paired with the softer aspects of the natural world always trying to intrude.

[Photo credit :: Drew Coffman :: Tampa :: Unsplash]
I adore the reflective quality of the materials.
[Photo credit :: Joshua K Jackson :: Unsplash]
I love the intersecting lines and the dizzying perspective.
[Photo credit :: Matthew Wiebe :: Unsplash]
I find them particularly fascinating at night....

[Photo credit :: Daniel Chen :: Unsplash]
especially when you can see lights dotting the surface hinting at what might be going on inside.

[Photo credit :: Vladimir Kudinov :: New York :: Unsplash]
I truly couldn't pick just one image to be our inspiration, so this is just a small smattering of images I pulled from Unsplash....(trust me... I have double this that I wanted to use!) 

[Photo credit :: Joey Kyber :: Atlanta :: Unsplash]
I wonder which one of these spectacular images will capture your imagination?

Pick an image that speaks to you,
make some earrings
and be sure to join me right here on
Friday, September 16th for the reveal!
Please pass the word
and get a friend to join you in the fun!


  1. I just came back from visiting the US - so these skyscrapers from NeW York speak to me the loudest. I dont have any beads that go with this theme, but I will find a way to particiapte

    1. I know you will make some interesting beads that will be perfect!

  2. Erin, as always you mesmorize me with your inspiring writing and selection of beautiful photos. You will find that I was subconsiuosly inspired by you and this post, in my latest post (Pink and Purple Towers) here on Earrings Everyday. But the truth is I hadn't read your text before I made my earrings and wrote that post. But I had looked at the pictures. And now when I read your writings I find that our minds work very alike. And you are so good at putting words to it. Thank you so much!

  3. Super cool and such a variety of perspectives to choose from!