Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Repeat Offender

For those of us who gravitate toward art beads---and who doesn't, really?---we tend to have favorite bead artists that we keep going back to, time and time again. Can't seem to shake em. And just when you think that 1.5 trays of their beads are going to satisfy your hunger, they list new components and you find yourself going back again for another fix, like a zombie in the endless pursuit of BRAAAAAAAINS. 

One of the bead artists on my short list is Marsha Neal. I remember buying from her years ago when I first started designing jewelry and I still buy from her to this day. Her abstract, organic shapes and earthy glazes have captured and held my fascination through quite a lot of creative growth on my part--through it all, her beads have always played a note in my cumulative song.

Some of my favorite beads are her twisted horns. It's clear that she takes great care in forming them but still lets them take on their own unique, evocative shape. I have yet to find two that match perfectly--that's part of the magic, for me.

For this pair, I used a slate blue-gray matte glazed pair of horns, stacked them with vintage German pressed wood beads, and capped them with rusty petal bead caps. Throw in some blackened soldering to fill the gaps, hang them from some of my extra long ear wires, and you've got two edgy pieces of art for your ears.

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. They look like they were made by Mother Nature herself. Wonderful work, love them!!

    Laura xo

  2. I can imagine why you are coming back and back again to the art beads of Marsha. Her style and yours are complementary (searching for the right English words here). Love those beads, love your earrings. They are beautiful as always.

  3. Marsha is one of my long time bead crushes too. These remind me of insects in the grub stage. So organic and earthy. Great earrings.

  4. Oh Nikki - you make me blush! Thank you guys for all the kind words about my work. I ADORE seeing all the wonderful designs that you incorporate them into! Honestly - when I make them, I day dream about cool ways they would be used, but the vision is always a bit fuzzy. So having them in the hands of creative jewelry makers is such a wonderful gift. I hope to have some creative time between now and BeadFest in August for some really fun new stuff! <3

  5. Such a dynamic pair of earrings perfect for a fierce warrior princess! I love the colors and the shapes and textures are gorgeous. Enjoy the day! Erin