Friday, October 16, 2015

We're All Ears :: October Reveal

 I haven't been as faithful to watching the Project Runway shows each week. It is something that my daughter and I like to watch together and since she is back in dance, Thursday nights she is gone from 4:30-9:00pm. So I have a few weeks to catch up with (don't tell me what happens!).

And of course, I left this until the last possible minute. So here I am (I won't tell you the hour, but you might guess what it is...) finishing up my earrings.

I know I said just PICK ONE of the outfits that you wanted to design earrings for, but I am the Host, and as such it just wouldn't do to not have a variety on hand! I truly loved all the looks. So I sat down first to sketch. Each and every one ended up being very long and streamlined, but with subtle differences for each outfit. That is when I realized that I should think like a Designer.

When a fashion designer is making a collection, they put in elements that are a common thread throughout. Color. Pattern. Textile. Shapes. So that is when I decided that I should make ONE COMPONENT that is a comment element in all six designs (and exactly why it took me so much longer to complete this challenge than my normal last minute efforts!).

Since the shape I kept coming to was long, I decided that I could make a dagger out of polymer clay. I wanted it to be long and thin (perhaps because these lovelies are all so long and thin?), with texture, and a little bit of shimmer. I rolled balls of black, dusty plum and magenta in some metal leaf, rolled that on a texture plate to make the shape and rough the surface. Baked. Then painted with a mixture of gloss black and dark antique copper. Wipe to reveal some of the surface treatment. I guess I could have used all the same clay as the paint really made them all the same!

 A :: Flirty with a little bit of added color to the deep plum, reinforcing the flower shapes with the different petal bead caps.
B :: The black Vintaj fairy petal bead cap mimics the lace pattern with a deeper purple crystal and subtle touches of copper to bring out the metal leaf.
C :: This monochromatic look is rocker, but a bit subdued. I kept it simple and sleek mixing in a silver tone for drama.

D :: This one shoulder dress is my favorite look. I bet that would look good on a variety of body types! Because of the built in asymmetry in the dress, I decided that just one shoulder-dusting earring positioned over her bare shoulder would be the way to go, with a bit of regal bling.
E :: This girl is badass, yet she has a softer side. I have had these funky vintage brass nesting beads in my stash for years. They seem to project the right attitude while the faceted lilac pearl softens it.
F :: The soft drapes of this dress almost have a geometric shape to them. I thought that just one long earring peeking out would heighten the drama. I used seed beads for the shape that sort of came together by accident.

So... what do you think of my designer collection? Did you think like a designer, too? I would love to hear how you approached this challenge and decided what to make and if you made more than one, whether you made them a cohesive unit or completely standalone. Do tell!

Now it is your turn to "make it work!"

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  1. Erin, you most certainly did think like a designer. In fact, they should have hired you to create earrings for this collection. (Honestly, I was shocked that the designer didn't include earrings or jewelry of any kind in these outfits. Why wouldn't they?) Those dresses were screaming out for earrings, and yours would have been just perfect. Your daggers capture the vibe of the collection so well. Such an interesting process you used to create them. The variety of ways you accessorized your daggers was cool. The most intriguing choice you made was to compliment the one-shouldered dress with only one long, dramatic shoulder-duster. You were on fire in this challenge, and the designer in you was in overdrive. You certainly did make it work!

  2. Love those spikes and all the different elements you have introduced to give a new look for each outfit...from classy to sassy!! A great lesson for us all..xx

  3. Beautiful! You really did the dresses proud! The colors and textures are on spot! I can't believe how fast Oct is moving...time just slipped away from me. Can't wait til next month!

  4. I love spikes and these are all so wonderful! I love all the pieces you chose from your stash to accompany them!! Gorgeous as always Erin!

  5. I love your earrings an I love that you gave them a personality. So clever.

  6. Uber creative and Funky designs for each outfit ...Wowza!

  7. Thanks for hosting this design challenge! I love the earrings you made! The polymer clay beads you made look beautiful!

    Greetings, Sofie #4

  8. The earrings, and especially your handmade spikes, are magnificient.

  9. Wow, Erin, amazing polymer clay work! You are an inspiration. Thanks for hosting this fun challenge.

  10. Great job on designing a collection of fabulous earrings! Super fun!

  11. You certainly are a designer to me! Those spike beads are just beautiful. And the collection you made with So clever.