Wednesday, October 21, 2015

One Day I Will Be A Mountain...

...but today I am a fault. 

Oh, how I can relate. I mean, life is all about duality and growth, right? We all have sides to ourselves that make us proud, and of course the sides that make us want to do better. Sometimes it's extremely gratifying to walk in darkness, while other times we seek the light and peaceful way. Positive and negative, light and dark, life and death. I love exploring these dichotomies, both in my jewelry design and the titles behind each piece.


I especially love how these warm organic earrings evolved from cold hard metal. I used a simple fold-form technique on copper sheet to obtain the weathered "fault" lines. I then added in myriad punches for that decayed pock-marked look, and applied lots of pounding, heat, and magic to help to create that natural vivid red patina. The overall shapes are evocative of wings---or perhaps leaves---both of which bring to mind the idea of growth. See how many opposing adjectives I chocked into this paragraph? It's all about the dichotomies, baby.

The most wearable earrings for me are those that contain multitudes without overdoing the components, color palette, or the weight. I strive to achieve this balance in my designs, but it's also not bad advice for life, in general. 

It ain't always easy, but it's most always worth it!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Beautiful fault! I can totally relate... the longer we are in the business the more we grow and evolve. Just this week I took a bracelet apart and redid the whole thing because the look was all wrong and for me, it didn't work. Learning a lot in the process about why. You gotta love the process! Great job Nikki! These are perfect!

  2. I've been eyeing these - they're just splendid! It's a lucky gal who's reserved them!

  3. Natural patina? Get out! That's just magnificent! As always from one of your biggest fans.

  4. Looks gorgeous, I never seem to get such a vivid red patina with heat

  5. You are talented in so many ways! I always love to read your wonderfully written posts and your earrings are just WOW